The Bluepot Power Bank + Bluetooth Speaker Acts Big

Bluetooth speakers seem to have gravitated into two camps: small and compact and big and bossy. But if small is more convenient that a “boom box” type, then the Bluepot Power Bank + Bluetooth Speaker is worth pulling out from a knapsack, briefcase or oversized pocket. Barely bigger than an iPhone, it acts a lot like it’s big and doesn’t stop there.

The Bluepot has Bluetooth so obviously it can stream music from a mobile device (phone/tablet) or laptop. Unlike most small speakers, and some big ones as well, there’s two speakers inside: this means it plays stereo which sounds a lot better than dull mono.

The strength of the sound comes from flat magnetic speaker tech (FMST) that the creators have patented. What you hear then isn’t just the two speakers, but also a pseudo one in the “middle” that enhances the bass effect, combined with an overall increase in clarity.

To power these speakers there had better be more than 2 or 3 watts of power or you’re not going to be able to hear anything unless you’re in a mausoleum. Fortunately 6 watts does the trick because each speaker can then have 3. This mean you are able to get a fairly loud response — not earth shattering or with enormous bass — but one that’s clean and clear and more than loud enough to hear. Especially if you don’t dial everything up to 11.

Now the real power comes from its battery and since the Bluepot isn’t super-tiny, being 5.35″ in length, 2.83″ wide and 0.98 tall, the battery can be large enough to keep the power going for up to 150 (!) hours of playtime. Actually it can do more than that with the 10,000mAh that’s under its hood. Because this isn’t just a Bluetooth speaker tagging along with you for playing music; it’s also a powerbank that can charge the mobile devices that it’s using.

The Bluepot does a 2-in-1 by adding 2 USB ports. This uses Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 with a max 5.1amp output.So charging ain’t slow. As to how much charging you can do, the power translates into up to 5X charging of an iPhone, for example. And for sure you can be charging up through a USB port at the same time its supplying power to the speakers.

The Bluepot Power Bank + Bluetooth Speaker comes in an off-white and is surprisedly small for all that it does. Not that it’s so small as to ignore. You won’t. Nor will the price be ignored — it retails for $60.00.

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