Bone Chinaware for Home and Table Decor

Bone chinaware is exotic and heavenly. Nothing artistic can beat a beautiful set of authentic and ethnic bone chinaware. Chinese ceramic ware is an art that has been developing since the ancient Chinese dynasties made the discovery about 11,000 years ago. The earthly fact that China is richly endowed with the raw materials needed for making ceramics does explain the mature craftsmanship of the aesthetic white and blue chinaware. The construction materials used are ceramics, bricks and tiles. Hand-built pottery vessels are fired in bonfires or kiln to make the sophisticated porcelain that once adorned the Chinese royal families.

Set of 6 Royal Botanical Gardens Kew Iris Fine Bone China Mugs By Creative Tops
Set of 6 Royal Botanical Gardens Kew Iris Fine Bone China Mugs By Creative Tops

Chinaware is a type of porcelain that does not absorb more than 0.5 percent of its weight in water, Bone chinaware is a chinaware that contains 25 percent or more of calcined bone.

The brilliant whiteness of bone chinaware can offset any other home d├ęcor collectibles. As the delicate translucent chinaware with brilliant artistic appeal and glossy finish adds a rare exuberance to the home interiors, it is one of the preferable themes for trendy home decor.

Antique white chinaware includes a variety of cutlery, glassware, dinnerware, urns and potteries. Elegant and finely handmade chinaware lined with gold polish was used since 18th century by the Chinese aristocrats. You can use these pieces as stand-alone home decor or for enhancing the Feng Shui corners at your home and office.

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