Book Review: Her Bark His Bite, Rise of the New Shifters

A.E. GHer Bark His Bite, Rise of the New Shifters race

3 Stars

Her Bark His Bite, Rise of the New Shifters is the third book in the CRAVE box set and follows Isaac and Lillian.

Shifters are out in the open due to a magazine posting an article with interviews. Lillian is a shifter, an investigator. She is going to out the vampires in order to catch one that has done an unthinkable act.

Isaac is under the thumb of the vampire order for committing a crime. He has been sent on a mission to find the same vampire that Lillian is after. It is the only way he can gain his freedom. At the beginning of his search, he follows her to see what she knows. But she is good, she knows she is being followed and turns the tables on Isaac.

After some talking, they decide to help each other out. As time passes, they become romantically involved. Together they uncover a plot, more supernatural beings, and more murders. Can they find the vamp they are after in time? What is the plot? Will Isaac gain his freedom?

The loss for the stars are grammatical errors. There was a section when they were in bed talking and he had his hand on her leg, then two sentences later, it was her hand on his leg, then a couple more later—his hand was moving up hers. The confusing part was that the feel of the story was just his. There are other various small items, which add up to small plot holes.

Her Bark His Bite: Rise of the New Shifters (A Vampire Shifter Romance) is part of a box set.


Her Bark His Bite, Rise of the New Shifters Book Cover Her Bark His Bite, Rise of the New Shifters
CRAVE box set
A.E. Grace
Paranormal Romance
Grace Kincade Publishing
October 26, 2014

Curvy wolf shifter Lillian van Buren never believed in monsters... not real ones, anyway. When she learns that vampires exist, and that one of them has fed on a child, she vows to hunt down the heinous, fanged bloodsucker, and bring him to justice.

She soon finds herself allied with a gorgeous, enigmatic vampire, but he's got a tad too many secrets. Using him was part of her plan, but falling in love with him never was...

Isaac Reed has been outcast by the vampire society. He’s broken a cardinal rule, and if he can't bring a rogue child-feeder to justice, he won't just lose his freedom, he'll lose his life.

He tracks down a shifter who has information he needs, but he never expects to feel a storm of attraction when he first lays eyes on her. To his own surprise, he finds his cold heart thawing...

Her Bark His Bite is a paranormal romance that sees the delicate balance of the supernatural world thrown off-kilter. A battle between species is brewing. Will Lillian and Isaac's budding love survive it?

55,000+ Paranormal Vampire & Shifter Romance

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