Book Review: Goodnight Tweetheart by Teresa Medeiros

I really loved Goodnight Tweetheart by Teresa Medeiros for a few different reasons. Aside from the absolutely hilarious banter between the hero and heroine, I think I loved this story because of the way it was structured.

Abby is successful but struggling writer. In order to continue her success, Abby’s agent makes her a Twitter account. Abby knows nothing of Twitter, but soon discovers she has a friend and a teacher in @MarkBaynard.

Mark is a professor on sabbatical, and he tells Abby he’s traveling the world. Through wit, humor and lots of bantering, Abby and Mark get to know one another quickly and are soon going on “dates” via Twitter.

I bring up the structure of the book because it’s told almost entirely in tweets and direct messages, which means almost every paragraph is around 140 characters, give or take. The short quips and exchanges between the hero and heroine really help the story to move along quickly. It’s fast paced, because given the layout, there isn’t really another option.

It makes the story easy to read, and that readability is combined with a humor and wit that keeps the story light. I had fun trying to keep up with the pop culture references that Abby and Mark threw back and forth, and I had to put the book down several times to wait for myself to quit cracking up.

I giggled especially hard when Mark said that Mr. Schuester from Glee looks like the love child of Orlando Bloom & Justin Timberlake, and I chuckled a bit when he asked Abby if she could see Russia from her house. The manner in which the two begin and end each conversation is incredibly sweet, and mixed in along the way the two do talk about serious issues and learn all about each other.

But with the internet always comes an inherent danger, and when Abby finds out that Mark may not necessarily be who he’s claimed all along, she freaks out and goes on a Twitter hiatus. Mark doesn’t know her phone number, where she lives or how to contact her, so how can he possibly keep his new love from leaving forever?

Medeiros has written both of these characters in such a way that anyone could relate to them. For me, there were two specific Tweets or DMs that rang true in my life. The first was this one, on page 31:

MarkBaynard: Sigh…calling a tweet a “twit” is like ordering a “large” drink at Starbucks instead of a “Venti.” Your street cred may never recover.

This one made me giggle especially hard because husband does both those things intentionally all of the time. He refuses to order a tall at Starbucks, instead opting to call it a small, and he refuses to call tweets anything other than twits, just because he thinks it’s funny. An odd sense of humor, that one has.

The other exchange that grabbed my attention was on page 86:

     Abby_Donovan: You never did tell me what book an English lit professor would take on his 3-hour tour?
     MarkBanyard: The Kama Sutra, of course. Especially if Ginger and Mary Ann were on board. 
       Abby_Donovan: And if you have to choose a book WITHOUT pictures? Tolstoy? Dickens? Updike?
     MarkBanyard: No Biff the Bunny, huh? How about A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving?

This passage comes from one of Mark and Abby’s virtual dates, and it appealed to me simply because I was such a huge, huge fan of A Prayer for Owen Meany the first time I read it. The two go on to briefly discuss Irving’s work, and the fact that death is always meaningful in his books. (A Prayer for Owen Meany really is a great story. If you haven’t read it before, you should check it out.)

Granted, these are two specific passages that appeal to me for specific reasons, so they may not be quite as entertaining for you. But, the truth is, Medeiros has crafted Abby and Mark to be so intelligent and so broad in their interests that they likely touch upon a topic for everyone. One way or another, Mark and Abby will draw you in, and you won’t be able to stop reading about their love story.

Interested in checking out Goodnight Tweetheart? It’s available on Amazon by clicking the book cover above.

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