Book Review: Her Vampire Mate, The Colliding Worlds Series

Her Vampire Mate, The Colliding Worlds Series

Tabitha Conall

5 Stars

The second book in the collection, Crave: Tales of Vampire Romance follows Jennalynn Bishop and Antonio De Marco.

Jennalynn is the fourth in command of the North American wolf pack, and the sister of the Alpha and the second. Sent on a mission to find someone known as the world-walker. A world-walker is a person that can slip through dimensions, who is tied to all the different worlds around earth prime. The wolf pack wanted an alliance with the world-walker to gain the knowledge needed for an advantage over the newcomers, once the new dimension merged.

Antonio De Marco is an assassin for hire and a vampire. Sent by the high counsel to obtain the world-walker for the vampires to use to their advantage. What he doesn’t know is there is a plot from the counsel to see his demise.

A wolf cannot be a mate with a vampire, since they are mortal enemies. Would the fates be so cruel? It doesn’t take long for them to figure out that they are after the same person. In the interest in getting to know each other they decide to work together. What happens is completely unexpected for either of them.

Will they find the world-walker? Will they survive once they find out that a vampire hit squad was sent after them? What will her brothers say when she divulges her secrets?

Her Vampire Mate (Colliding Worlds) is a good novella, and the second book to the collection of vampire romances.

Her Vampire Mate Book Cover Her Vampire Mate
The Colliding Worlds Series
Tabitha Conall
Little Death Books
December 2, 2014

A steamy werewolf romance in the Colliding Worlds series from New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Tabitha Conall...

A vampire and a werewolf. Enemies. Mates.

While searching for a world-walker, werewolf Jennalynn Bishop finds her mate. But instead of feeling excited, she's horrified. He's a vampire, an enemy.

Searching for the same world-walker, vampire and professional poisoner Antonio de Marco feels drawn to his werewolf foe. He loves women, always has, so he rolls with it. Maybe seducing her will throw her off her game.

Thrown together repeatedly, they finally team up to track down the world-walker, never realizing the danger waiting for them if they succeed in finding her.

This 30,000+ word long book is the fourth in the Colliding Worlds series. HEA included.

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