Boss Appreciation Days 2017

Boss Appreciation Days?

In America we love to set aside days to celebrate so many things.

Hug Your Boss Day – 15th September, 2017

National Hug Your Boss Day – 23rd August, 2017

(NOTE: Some are celebrating NHYBD on 6th September, 2017)

National Boss Day – 16th October, 2017

Been working at home since 2007 and the only boss supervising my work is me. But thinking back on when I was participating in the rat race outside of home, I don’t remember taking the time to celebrate these days. My career experience spans roughly about three decades. During that period, a few of my bosses merit honorable mention and have earned a “hug”.


bruce-springsteen-free-vector-3372 My first professional position after graduating and receiving my BBA degree was in the accounting department of a savings and loan institution.  My boss was awesome!!  She had a way of simplifying work processes and procedures. Keep in mind our tasks were not computerized or automated.  Also, (her most valuable trait in my opinion), she couldn’t be “brown-nosed”. Think you’re going to get on get on her fave list by sucking up? No way! Do your job. Do it right. Do it efficiently. There’s was always a nice bonus in your end of the year paycheck! She believed in showing her appreciation to her staff for making her look good!

My second career move after my first job was pretty cool! Worked for a boss who was also a friend. He was a sweetie! One day we were putting together the budget package and had to work late to meet the submission deadline. I’ll never forget. There I was working hard, banging the keys on the calculator, typing up justification statements, really hammering out the work. He comes into the office, stands in front of my desk, pauses for a moment, stuck his hand into his pants pocket and pulled out some loose coins, flashes that Crest-whitened smile, and said: “Want a coke? My treat!!”  How could he possibly have known?  🙂  Also, he authorized me to travel to San Juan, Puerto Rico on official business.  More than once!  How cool is that??!!


My last position before leaving civil service? This supervisor was not only fair in her treatment but made sure that my salary was reasonable compensation for my work.  She was also really nice to me. In fact, she’s the only the supervisor I ever called “Mom”.

Lots of jobs suck! They don’t suck because the responsibilities and duties are too difficult or burdensome. They suck because the bosses are jerks! However, if you are fortunate to have a terrific boss, let them know. Don’t be like me, passing out kudos long after the fact.


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