Bravo President Obama for stronger gun control

Bravo President Obama for stronger gun control. Soon our President will announce stronger gun safety laws. The NRA has such a powerful hold on our Congress that they haven’t been able to pass any bills on their own. So Obama is going to take the bull by his horns and do the job himself. That is why i voted for him, he is no lame duck President. After nearly eight years of the GOP officials in Congress saying no to every bill or idea he comes up with, he’s going above their heads and enacting this much needed bill by himself. That is the wonder of our countries constitution, it works. Not even a branch of Congress can hold the country hostage.

Now before you get your undies in a bundle, now hear this” No one is going to take away your guns” This will affect only people who are mentally ill, and eventually those who are convicted of domestic abuse. That’s right and if that makes you nervous, rightly so. American’s have had enough, it’s time to act on the rampant gun violence that plagues our nation. Did you know that when women die of gun violence the majority of the time it’s her husband or boyfriend? And usually there has been previous instances of abuse. And that doesn’t include unreported domestic abuse. 

It’s no longer the wild wild west so Annie go put away your gun, and learn to handle conflict in ways that someone doesn’t get shot. Think of all the mad, angry mostly white young men that go out gunning at your neighborhood school. Just down the road in Roseburg Oregon it happened again. And were not going to take it any longer.

So bravo Mr. Obama, you are standing up for the majority of people, and even some gun owners that want more restrictions when it comes to buying a gun. And does anyone need to have an assault rifle, with hundreds of rounds of ammo? I say no, I say mentally ill people who are or aren’t getting treatment shouldn’t be able to get guns. And that’s because many treated mentally ill go off their medications. Another person who won’t be getting a gun is your neighbor who beats his wife, or the guy that road rages or is mad as hell, all of the time. It’s a time bomb getting ready to go off. If you are any of the people of the above, then you don’t deserve to have a gun. Owning a gun isn’t a right, it’s a privilege.

So stop whining all you second amendment fanatics, and accept the truth that something needs to be done. You know it and so do I.

So Annie go put away your gun and open up lines of communication that won’t get someone killed. Just like the Burns Oregon Militia who are willing to bear arms and kill someone “if it comes to that”, Really, is this a viable way to protest something? What century are we in? Come on fellas calm down and holster that thing, will ya?


Do we need assault rifles?

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