Broon F8-Android Controlled Super Car For Your Kid

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With the advent of android OS, the traditional operating system from Blackberry, one of the world leading brand who gave us the concept of smartphones become almost obsolete and in just a year android become world’s most popular mobile Operating System. It provides vast support for every type of app and user can install hundreds of various type of apps in his android device. But now apart from these apps and all those smart features of android OS what else your android device can do.

Now your android device can control a super car, an android controlled super car has been designed by a South Korean company. Obviously not an actual car, but a toy car which can be an ultimate toy for a kid as it can easily catch up to the speed of 14 km per hour.

This super toy car is named as Broon F8, which is an electric vehicle equipped with all those features which you expect from a supercar, these features includes four wheel drive, entertainment system, top quality  LED headlights and a full touchscreen control along with intelligent drive assist.

Also Broon F8 is equipped with new age motors, bucket seats along with four-point safety harnesses and have individual suspensions on all wheels.

But the best thing is that it doesn’t need all those driving skills because this car can be easily controlled via any android device with its dedicated android app. This car is designed with the top notch safety measures, there are bucket seats with four point safety harnesses. Also it provides excellent handling since it can distribute power to the wheels based on terrain.

Broon F8 is not just a car, it is a supercar for your kid, but don’t expect this car to be cheap, although its price is nowhere near the actual super car but as a toy car it is fairly expensive. This toy car will cost you $1000.   

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