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People like to look at photos, that’s a given. But the evolution of how people look at photos has changed because of cell phone cameras. So now most pictures taken are viewed on a tiny LCD screen. Or even not at all. Brytertek Corp. doesn’t care for that so they’ve combined today’s technologies with the traditional means for viewing photos. Let’s get the details.

So the conventional way used to be to shoot a negative that was then printed onto paper that you looked at. But if there wasn’t any light, you didn’t see anything because the photo was “reflective.” So it begins with a digital image — this can be anything as long as it’s a fairly large digital file and preferably 300 d.p.i. (dot’s per inch – refers to the resolution). Horizontal or vertical, either is fine. The next consideration is what size it’s going to be. An 8×10″ size might mean placement on a coffee table or night table, while 11×14″ or larger more likely means it’s going to be placed on a wall. And there there are the many sizes in between. Regardless, the digital image provided is being turned into something that you can have, hold and look at without batteries being involved.

But there IS electricity involved, from a wall outlet. The reason for that is the picture isn’t something that light bounces off of — meaning reflective — but backlit where the light is going through the image for you to look at; think of it as a color slide or the signage you’d see at a movie theater. By illuminating the picture, it not only gets evenly illuminated but there’s more depth to the coloring and every detail is highlighted. Designed to be less than an inch thick, the construction holding the image is such that there is a thin black bezel around the picture — this pretty much disappears once the image is illuminated and also acts to catch stray light that could degrade the image. If you don’t wish to frame it, it can be hung as is — your choice as to how to display it.

Now how that illumination is made to happen is more than worth noting — because it’s an LED light source that is geared for daylight temperature so as to look proper and correct to the human eye. The LED lights are rated to last for 100,000 hours (10+ years based on continuous use). So plan on turning it on and leaving it on so it can be seen. Which is, after all, the point.

Brytertek Corp. is providing a service, but what they’re really doing is helping to keep those images that make our life fun and which memories are made of from being forgotten. You can’t put a price on that.

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