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These days, most entrepreneurs agree that they should have a business website. But most entrepreneurs must decide whether to hire a third party to build their website or penny-pinch a little by building a free website with a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) website builder.

Ever build your own website? There are many DIY website builders to choose from, however, most of my sites were built using (formerly Used the application before and after the company was purchased by in 2011. Also, built one site using the Google Site Builder. Last, but not least, created a free business website using

Either my Do-It-Yourself website building skills have significantly improved over the years OR … this builder tool is really easy to use. It’s probably the latter. It took me only one day to get my website up and running, but the final product was worth every drop of sweat and dogged persistence that went into it.

Home Business Works | Cmoneyspinner on Weebly

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My Weebly Story:  There is a blogging group on Facebook called Authentic Blogger and one of the members who shares their blog posts there uses the Weebly blogging platform. Had planned to publish YAB (yet another blog) on Weebly but couldn’t quite the hang of how to generate blog entries and also could not find a theme template suited to my purposes. Ended up building a website and then linking back to my other websites and blogs, in the hopes of redirecting traffic. Can’t say whether my genius idea worked since the site is only 2 days old, but feel confident it is a push forward and not backwards.

Why try this DIY app? 3 reasons.

  1. This site made the list for TIME’s Best 50 Websites in 2007.
  2. There are public reviews and as with most companies or organizations there were a few unhappy campers, but overall most users seemed satisfied.
  3. Free Plan that allows Google Adsense and affiliate referral ads.  Reasonable upgrades available.

The fact that it was mentioned on an “official list” by TIME peaked my curiosity. Wondered what other websites were listed in subsequent years. Turns out the the Top 50 Lists go back to 2005. Didn’t look at all of them because the information was not quick and easy to peruse. Only recognized a few sites that were listed:

  • Medium (2014)
  • MentalFloss (2013)
  • Google+ (2012)
  • Klout (2012)
  • Pinterest (2012)
  • Quora (2012)

Weebly seems to be in good company.

This is just for grins.  Also found another “official list” published by which might prove invaluable if you’ve got nothing else better to do. 🙂  According to the article writer, Brian Koerber, Facebook and Tumblr are not the only places on the web where you “waste countless hours”. 🙂

50 Websites to Waste Your Time On


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