Build Yourself up

Unfortunately we live in a society where people feel that it’s alright to try and tear others down. They want others to feel bad about themselves because they feel bad about themselves. Lets face it, we will worry about what others think about us at some point, but we shouldn’t allow what others say dictate who we are. If someone is unhappy and disgusted with themselves than they will attack and you could be their victim. Don’t be.

Guard your heart and mind. If no one around you lifts you up than you have to do it yourself. You shouldn’t want to be surrounded with people who never have a positive thing to say. Everyone will have an off day but they bounce back but if someone never offers a kind word or is always trying to sabotage you or others than stay away from them. They mean you no good. Sometimes people will do something foolish but figure out that they need to redeem themselves, those people deserve a second change, you shouldn’t brush them off. The negative ones don’t deserve your attention.

Some people feed off of others misery. They don’t want to see other people happy because they’re not happy. You can’t allow people to drag you into their miserable world. They will try but you have to find things that will offer you peace. Prayer is one of those things. Try with all your might to engage in healthy activities. Surround yourself with like minded people. People who want to offer positivity and who are looking to go places. Don’t get down with the downers. Move up with the uplifting ones.

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