Burka Wearing Mommies Stay Home!

Dad and kids OK. Burka wearing mommies should stay at home!

Let’s go for a family vacation! Come on kids!  Oh but … mommie can’t come. She wears a burka.  No worries.  We’ll take a lot of selfie pictures and tell her all about it when we get back!

Heard a recent report on one of the TV news channels about a vacation hot spot, Austria’s Zell Em, that Arabs like to frequent.  Evidently, even if it’s good for business and the country’s economy, it’s upsetting some of the citizens. The comments were very varied.

  • Some business owners said they loved the Arab vacationers because they spend twice as much money as anybody else. Ka-ching!
  • Others say they don’t like them because the Arabs travelers disregard safety rules and cause problems with other customers.  It seems they love taking selfies but are always dropping their phones which slows down the fun time for everybody!  They also don’t like to wear seat belts when riding in cars.  When they make reservations to stay at certain places, they might say a family of 4 will be arriving and then show up with about 40 people!  (That’s an exaggeration, of course.  The point is it’s not the number of occupants that were agreed upon when the space was reserved.)  So what if they spend more money. The nuisance they create isn’t worth it!

When it comes to running a business, all things must be considered. Not just the bottom line of whether or not a profit was generated. I get that.

When it comes to running a country and tourism is an industry that is key to the economy, thought must be given to jobs and people being gainfully employed, to public safety, etc. I get that.

But a comment was reported by a person who – as far as I could tell – was not a business owner or a government worker and – in my opinion – the remark was absolutely ludicrous!

  • The lady said the fact that the Arab women wore burkas (or burkhas or burquas ~ sp?) upset her!  She pointed to women who were dressed very similarly to the woman in the images supplied for this short post.

I don’t get that.

Interestingly enough, the report made no mention of an increase in crime, resulting from these Arab visitors.  Matter of fact, don’t recall there being any mention of crime at all.  If women wearing burkas is unlawful, logic dictates that something should have been said about it.  Right?

The clothes a person is wearing, because it covers them head to toe, is a “problem”?

Be honest. Is that really a legitimate grievance?

I Object!! – I am a Christian and I object to wearing a burka on the basis of my religious convictions. But just as strongly as I am opposed to not wearing a burka, I can imagine women who wear such clothing because of their religious beliefs would object just as strenuously to being told not to dress in that manner, especially if they’re not doing anything wrong.  People with firm religious beliefs don’t leave their convictions at home when they go on vacation.  Particularly, not women of faith.  I also object because I have enjoyed a lot of family vacations, and neither my husband nor my children would have ever thought to go on vacation without me!  They better not!  🙂

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ArmyAmber / Pixabay

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