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It’s very disappointing to report this content update.  All the business tip information below is useless.  Amazon has decided to retire its aStore tool, effective October 27, 2017. But it’s cool! Because the Native Ads they implemented will likely work much better. The point is it’s still good to be an Amazon Associate. Even though the webstores are being retired, they still offer a variety of affiliate marketing tools and resources you can use.

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Marketing Tip for Amazon Associates:  Build an aStore.

May be preaching to the choir, but gonna preach on! 🙂 Some newbies to the Amazon Associates Program may appreciate the advice.

If you are an Amazon Associate you may or may not know about the aStore feature which is quite useful for marketing and makes tracking your affiliate referral links much easier. If you have already created your aStore, then be sure to fill out the descriptive information for the “About Us” link for the store you created. Why? Because it lets the shoppers know who you are, and that that you are in business as an authorized affiliate, so there is no need for them to fear being scammed, hoodwinked, or bamboozled as they may think they arrived at a site that “looks like” but is not a seller of genuine merchandise available through Amazon. If the shopper clicks on a button to make a purchase they won’t have their credit card and other identity information stolen. This is a tool offered by to its affiliates or associates that encourages the entrepreneurial spirit and supports small business owners and those who are engaged in home business endeavors ( such as moi! ). You can have up to 100 aStores per your account. (You can. I can not! That would drive me insane and my spouse says I’m almost already there! 🙂 ) The Amazon Webstore is a special program, as well.  It is the paid service which allows you much more liberty to customize your eCommerce store. At present, my aStores were put up using the free tool (or the free version), so I could learn first how to better build my business brand.

My advice:

  • If you are not already an Amazon Associate, sign up today. It’s FREE.
  • If you are already an Amazon Associate but you have not put up your aStore, DO IT NOW!

Do you work from home OR want to work from home? On your blog or website, you can share the Amazon links, banners, widgets, etc. But as a value- add you can also direct shoppers to your aStore. My two stores support my affiliate marketing websites. There is one for grocery and gourmet and another for wish list shopping. (“There was …” ~ Retiring these stores Oct 27, 2017.)  If you visit, you will note that directly under the “Browse by Category” there are two additional links. One directs visitors to your website and the other is the “About Us” section that welcomes them.

  • (Extra Bonus tip: Links from these stores can be also shared via Pinterest and/or via

Everyday Exotic Spices - Amazon aStore

My Wish List aStoreAA refer


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