Business Trickery or Just Plain Hate

Business is risky. There’s a lot to consider when conducting business and discovery new business ideas. There’s a lot of competition in business and a lot of tricks which may not be seen at first but through close observations. Not everyone will use ethical practices while doing business. Some will constantly seek out information to get their competitors down. Not realizing their efforts are meaningless. Of course the competition won’t fade but some run the risk of losing money by “their actions.”

Continuously trying to use tricks won’t produce the results they think. The trickery won’t stop and some will find out how damaging their efforts can be. Sometimes the competitors need assistance from their competition and that’s why “they’ll keep trying to hassle the competition”. Not being fair but there’s a lot of unfair tactics used in business. Although there will be many lies told. The proof is what really matters. 

If there’s continuous harassment when conducting business then the individuals involved need to be sued. Some are unwilling to stop trying to go up against their competition. A true businessman or woman won’t to continuously come up against their competition because they’ll be busy trying to move forward. It’s important to elevate in order to become stable “economic stability.” 

No amount of competition should prevent business from occurring and anyone who assumes their tricks are a way to gain control over their competition is wrong. In fact due to the trickery. The competitors will move on to the ones who are true to “business” and want to see others succeed. Of course in every area, every gets used in some way, the more a person grows the more they’ll be attacked. 

No need to be despaired because there’s always away to get around the matters at hand. Finding the right sources is important and being surrounded by like-minded and “successful people” will help. We’ll notice more and more who is more incline to display trickery in an effort to handle their competition. Don’t be surprised who’s willing to go against who in order to try and gain. A lot of the ethics go out the window because so many are focused on greed. 

It’s important to be observant while conducting business and dealing with investors and other areas of business. Some are always looking for new ways to make their competition look bad. That’s how some compete. Not all will be concerned with what they’re doing to others. There’s a lot to consider when doing business of any kind. Connect with the right people and “prosper.” Connect with the wrong people and be a big hole. 

“When They’re Pushing. Pull Away so The Soaring can Occur.” By: 

Tanikka Paulk

Photo Belongs to 

Tanikka Paulk

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