How to Buy Women’s Boots Online?

A lot of women feel apprehensive about wearing boots in the summer. The main first concern is about feeling unusually warm and uncomfortable due to summer heat. But, in reality if you wear boots with socks made of breathable fabric, it is not very different from wearing sandals in summers. After all, there are so many women who wear tennis shoes, skater shoes etc in summers, then why say no to a stylish pair of boots? Further, boots help protect your feet from tanning and dust. Hence, it is worth trying to buy and try out a pair of boots this summer. But, what are the factors that you should consider while shopping for women’s boots online or from an outlet? Well! Read further to get the answers.

  1. Material: Leather and synthetic leather are two types of materials used to make boots. If you want something that stands the test of time and the impact of daily wear and tear, choose leather boots. For a more summer-appropriate look, suede leather is the perfect choice.
  2. Colour: “Technology has allowed us to use as many colors as we want in the boots. This is why some of the most popular colors are brown, tan, black and white. But you can also go for more bold choices like pink, purple and blue. Then it all comes down to the accessories and the rest of the outfit,” recommends Other than these popular colours, you may also try contemporary hues such as chestnut, chocolate, blue, beige etc. Do not wear dark-colored boots with clothes that are too bright, go for contrast pairing.
  3. Length: Ankle-length boots are the most popular ones during summers. These can be teamed up with jeans, capries, shorts, maxi skirts etc and are easy to wear and carry. You may also buy knee-length boots as these can be used in winters as well. But, keeping in mind the summer season, knee-length boots will suit only particular dress-styles. For example, a knotted shirt, jeans and a pair of knee-length boots.
  4. Heel-size: Nothing but your comfort-level is what matters when it comes to choosing the heel size. Block heels are the most comfortable types of heels. Pointed-heeled boots will look good only when you wear something which is specifically feminine. For example, a one-piece dress. For daily use and to protect your feet, block heels are recommended.
  5. Size: Know your size before ordering shoes online. Draw your foot on paper and measure the size from toe to heel. Note down the numbers. Besides US and UK-based foot measurements, most online shopping websites have a size guide which indicates measurements in centimetres. Choose your boots according to the closest possible measurement.  
  6. Return and Exchange: Choose sites that offer easy return and exchange policy. Read all the terms and conditions thoroughly before making a purchase.

Do try out boots this summer and let us know how did you style it up?

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