Calacatta Marble vs Compac Unique Calacatta: Which is the Best for Kitchen Worktops?

Calacatta marble and Compac Unique Calacatta are considered the best options for surface applications in homes, restaurants, bars, hotels and many other business and or residential and architectural projects.

Beauty enchants and fascinates everyone when they feel the exclusive texture found only in exclusive and high-quality products.

The constant search for betterments has made the market look for new options to meet the increasing demand natural stone. When trying to choose the best surface for kitchen worktops, it is okay to stay in doubt.

Compac Unique Calacatta Quartz

Compac Unique Calacatta is a made with a formula composed of approximately 95% quartz and minerals, 5% pigments and additives, displaying in bright white with remarkable grey veins with golden tints. It offers the perfect combination that makes this stone a show stopper and is much more beneficial than marble when it comes to its maintenance since it does not require coating applications in order to keep stains away.

Unique Calacatta offers the same exclusive appealing attraction as Calacatta marble; it is more affordable, resistant and it also tends to be the most used material among designers, property builders and home owners. It certainly is the trendy innovation that marks history in the world of construction and design.

If you are a perfectionist and/or someone who just loves simplicity with a strike of luxury and modernization, this will be the best option for your space. It can be applied in internal environments and areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, hallways, fireplace surrounds, etc.

Compac Unique Calacatta comes in slabs with dimensions 3040x1400mm and 20mm thickness which ensures large pieces such as islands and feature walls can be installed without any joints.

Compac Unique Calacatta

Boxed-in Kitchen Island in Compac Unique Calacatta quartz 20mm in a polished finish

Calacatta Marble

Marble is a spectacular beauty of nature and has many peculiarities. If you want your space to resemble a royal palace, Calacatta marble is one of the best options to make it happen. It provides sophistication and elegance when applied to walls, floorings, worktops, fire surrounds, external cladding and patios, etc.

Calacatta Marble’s maintenance must be consistent to maintain the sheen and aesthetics of the stone. Having said this, Calacatta marble also comes in finishes such as honed, flamed, Satinato, Bush Hammered, among others alternatives.

Calacatta marble is sourced in the north of Italy and is only available in one quarry in the world. Weather conditions imply quarrying only in the warmer months of the year, under strict regulations which ensure extraction is carried out in an ecological manner. These procedures, couple with availability of the material are some of the main reasons as to why the cost of this marble can be high in comparison to other types.

The unmatchable beauty of this marble made it very popular with the Romans who have used it extensively for palaces and emperors’ residences which is the very same reason as to why Calacatta has remained a material of excellence in construction and interior design.

When it comes to drinking, coffee, juice and other spills around the surface, Calacatta marble should be wiped away quickly, as liquids would in time penetrate its surface, causing staining because of its slightly porous composition.

Some people say that marble is irreplaceable. That is not true! It holds a lot of benefits and distinctions, but the quartz achieves the same extraordinary level and much more in quality as well.


Kitchen island in Calacatta Oro Marble 20mm thickness with 50mm mitred edges by MKW Surfaces in London

Which is the best for kitchen worktops?

Both are an excellent option with great longevity and non-toxic attributes, but if you consider having a 100% natural product, then marble is ideal.

Should you prefer to invest in high technology which brings the same beauty as most of the famous Italian marbles, then compac quartz Calacatta would surpass the expectations.

Each is available in a broad range of exclusive minimalistic features. Regardless the pick, they assure a vision of grace and elegance and look fantastic in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, pool surrounds, backyard application etc.

Calacatta marble UK and quartz are available at MKW Surfaces. They offer the finest supply, unbeatable prices including an exclusive consultancy service to clear all the doubts and help with the project design. Furthermore, ten to thirty years manufacturer’s warranty is assured on all the branded products.

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