Calm Yourself Wearing Wellbe

Stress is all around us and its not a good thing. Reducing stress in one’s life can bring calm and add to a person’s health and improve their overall lifestyle. It’s not that you can avoid stress, but why not work to alleviate it as best you can when you can? One way to do this is to gain some assistance — which is where the Wellbe comes to the forefront.

The Wellbe anti-stress bracelet goes on the wrist, looking like a high-tech smartwatch. But it’s actually a biofeedback device working in real time: all the data being put out by the sensor on its backside placed against the wrist is being transmitted to a specialized app (iOS/Android). So you don’t have to look at it at all — wear it and forget it, is how you can look at it. Because it’s the app that takes that information and turns it into understanding as to stress that can then be tampered down.

So the app uses GPS, location services and the person’s calendar in conjunction with the Wellbe to determine the person’s stress level as the day progresses (tracking the heart rate 3 minutes per every hour). It looks for the triggers as to where you are, who you are with and what you are doing that are causing the stress levels to occur (the app is analyzing and displaying results because you want it to — it depends on your acquiescence).

The app then works to build a profile of their person over a scant number of days so as to be able to detect when stress levels are high and aid the wearer in reducing their stress levels. How this happens is done through the app — providing different procedures to aid in reducing stress, such as meditation sessions and focused breathing techniques. Of course you don’t have to wait till stress “attacks,” you can always be proactive and go to the app and select an exercise or visualization, maybe one from the selection of relaxing music choices to bring back the calm. Since Wellbe provides/stores up to 24 hours of recordings even when not connected, it doesn’t require being worn constantly for a short session or viewing (no it shouldn’t be worn when taking a shower either because it’s not waterproof).

In order for the Wellbe to function, it needs to be worn over the course of the day. One way to prompt the person to keep the watch on is to make it comfortable to wear, which is why the wristband/sensor is made of cork, which is warm and ‘fuzzy” to the touch, or of soft black leather or white (and of course there’s different sizing to accommodate wrists). Of course there is some weight from the metal stainless steel housing for the sensor (i.e. the “watch”), but it is mild even with the rechargeable battery that’s inside. No stress from the charging dock either, because it’s been redesigned to be more attractive than ever.

To control stress takes some effort, but effort alone isn’t enough if it’s not being done efficiently. The Wellbe offers a pathway to becoming more calm through ongoing stress detection and on-demand checking, as well as offering procedures and exercises for stress negation. Wellbe’s price won’t cause any great stress either: it retails for $149.00.

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