“Camas Swale” cd by Eugene folk singer

“Camas Swale” cd by Eugene folk singer Diane DeVillers who is a counterculture baby booming woman who grew up in Wisconsin and moved out to Oregon during the early eighties. Let her music take you back to a time where everything folk comes at you with clarity and emotion.

Come into the mind of a woman who lived a self-reliant life and listen to her songs that tell the story about her loves and those she left behind. Saginaw Mountain is a song about a tree sitter who goes to protest the logging of the mountain. The story unfolds about a man who tries to stop a timber sale and his stay up in the limbs of an old growth douglas fir.

Another song “Just one More” is about the excesses in life and how you can get caught up in the pitfalls of love and a wild existence.  This song is more of a rock song but it’s one of our standards from when she played with a band called “Nervous Rex” with her boyfriend Vinnie whom she’s lived with for over 22 years.

“Let you in” another rock song played on acoustic guitar with Vinnie playing bass, is a song about a love affair with its rocky overtures that takes you into the night filled with regrets and a yearning for love at a time when love is new.


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