What Can Our Addictions Tell About Us?

Why are people addicted and how to treat it? We can ask ourselves this question and look around at our acquaintances. Surely there will be someone with gambling, drug, shopping or eating addiction. Or just people indulge their weaknesses and write off this for dependence thereby absolving themselves of responsibility. So, let’s take a look closer.

Addiction is a biopsychosocial disorder. This means that it is a combination of neurobiology and how it interacts with social and psychological factors and your genetics. It is closely associated to chronic diseases like diabetes. However it is treatable and preventable. The best way to treat addiction is by going to a therapist.

The most common disorders, and what people are tend to be caught on it

  • Computer addiction

Is it possible that you are too plugged in? Computer addictions describe the obsessive use of computers which interferes with your daily functions. Computer addicts often disregard time and all physical elements of life. They do not form meaningful personal relationships and may lose their jobs. Introverts are the most likely to be computer addicts. They love imagination are more likely to invest all their time and efforts in one topic.

  • Food addiction

Most people still do not believe that obsession with food can be an addiction. Most tend to think that it is an excuse. The truth is that binge eating is a problem that faces 3% of the adult population in the United States. People with this disorder tend to ease their emotions by over eating, and they end up feeling guilty after they have binged on the food. Therefore, they end up gaining excessive weight. Sometimes they get more depressed by the behaviour and may make themselves vomit to keep away any weight gain.

  • Risky behaviour addiction

Often you will see people engaging in habits that could easily cause their death. It often makes you wonder what they are thinking when they are doing such things. Researchers have found that these thrill seekers share many symptoms as drug addicts because they get the same adrenaline rush and after a while, they end up looking for such activities so they can get the same level of excitement. Like gamblers, thrill seekers tend to be extroverted and are looking for areas where they can experience a new rush of excitement and involve other people as well. When they do not get these activities, they tend to be moody and depressed.

  • Plastic surgery addiction

You have no doubt seen people who go overboard with their plastic surgeries. They end up using thousands of dollars for procedures that do not even make sense. Some go too far and up looking hideous. They move from one doctor to another and go under the knife numerous times until they find a plastic surgery which is willing to do risky procedures for them. Most are found to have body dysmorphic disorders and always find that something is wrong with their bodies. These are preoccupied with their look, and many tend to have low self-esteem. They believe that they are ugly or deformed. By improving their self-awareness and giving them more confidence in themselves, this disorder can be treated.

The thing of all these addictions is that they give people the same rush of adrenaline. So, maybe it’s time to think about it deeply and find some hobbies after the therapist visit.

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