What Can African Pygmy Hedgehogs Eat- Can Hedgehogs Eat Grapes and Bananas?

What can African Pygmy Hedgehogs eat? Can hedgehogs eat grapes and bananas? Pet people who want to ensure that their African Pygmy Hedgehog is getting the right diet often want to match it to what they would naturally eat in the wild.


What Can African Pygmy Hedgehogs Eat Can Hedgehogs Eat Grapes

What Can African Pygmy Hedgehogs Eat Can Hedgehogs Eat Grapes


 Can hedgehogs eat grapes as part of their regular diet? The African pygmy hedgehog diet that is considered healthy usually consists of of a mix of fruit, vegetables and animal protein. For example, can be fed meal worms as a source of animal protein. You can give chicken as well but make sure it is low in fat.

Can hedgehogs eat grapes for fiber?The pygmy hedgehog diet you decide on for your hedgehog should contain fiber. This is important because it helps to keep their digestive system working properly. If a planned African pygmy hedgehog diet is too low in fiber, the animal may develop constipation. The food that you give to your pygmy hedgehog should be low in iron.


What Can African Pygmy Hedgehogs Eat- Can Hedgehogs Eat Grapes?

Pet people usually want to give their  African Pygmy Hedgehogs diets that are rich in fruits that they like.  Pygmy hedgehog food should be tasty as well as safe for those that are living in your household. Some foods may be tasty and even safe for a dog or cat but they may not be safe for your hedgehog to eat.

Bad Hedgehog Treats

So, can hedgehogs eat grapes? Whether grapes are seedless, purple or green they are not good for hamsters. Can hedgehogs eat grapes whether they are fresh or dried? No, grapes are not safe for hedgehogs in any form. Do not give raisins to a hedgehog. If you want to give a snack, give African Pygmy Hedgehogs a cat biscuit or meal worms.

Safe Hedgehog Treats

The wild  hedgehog food packaged by Spikes is a good source of nutrition for your  African Pygmy Hedgehogs. Most of the time,  cat food for adult cats is also safe for wild hedgehogs. You can mix dry and wet cat food that is high in protein and give it to your  African Pygmy Hedgehog.




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