Can Daniel Cormier Beat Jon Jones?

UFC 182 is being held on Jan 3rd, 2105, and it features one of the most anticipated match ups in years. Daniel Cormier will challenge the champion Jon Jones, and for once there is actually a general belief that Jones is in for a competitive match.

Is All The Hype Real?

MMA is an entertainment sport as much as any other. Obviously it’s real, unlike professional wrestling, but the fights still need to be sold on hype. The lead up to this match has been particularly entertaining, and the word from behind the scenes is that it’s real. Making the anticipation even stronger, and meaning we are in for some bad blood on fight night.

There was an infamous brawl at a press conference, that certainly looked real. Both fighters received fine’s and a slap on the wrist from the UFC, hard to stage that.

Can Daniel Cormier Beat Jon Jones?

Ultimately this is a question that will only be accurately answered after the fact. But looking ahead at the match, most people are saying ‘yes’, and I have to agree. Now my opinion doesn’t matter too much, but this is the first time I have said this for an opponent facing Jones. Now, it’s worth pointing out that I am not a large Jon Jones fan, or even a Daniel Cormier fan, so it’s not a bias answer.

Looking at the path to the title for Cormier, it has been mentioned all over the promotional material that he has never lost a round, let alone a fight. So it’s hard to imagine him losing. But the same can be said for Jones, with his only loss coming from a disqualification in a fight that he was dominating.

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