How Can You Wear Leggings In Different Styles

As we all know that leggings are the basic essential of our attire and can be thus moulded into many forms as we wish to wear. Wear the pairs with catchy and contemporary sarees or classic yet quirky kurtis, these leggings have that X-factor to bring out the brightest ooze in you. The best thing in leggings you can notice is the availability of them in vivacious patterns, styles, designs, fabrics and lengths. Do you know that they are also available in cropped and knee lengths? Well, thanks to the curators of fashion and the designers!

Today the main protagonist is a pair of leggings and story is – ‘how can we wear leggings in different styles’. Scroll down peeps…

With Boots

You can flaunt the best of selection of boots and legs thunders by pairing them with leggings. Make sure, you are pairing them in contrast to highlight the importance of both of them separately. Though brown is the most liked hue among the boots, you can check out a plum, maroon or marsala, greyish-black at the cosiest of the days. Are you planning to try this on Sunday? Well, nice decision!

Retro Tunics

Tunics are the most effortless steals for very stylish women out there. Go with the kaftan tunics and pair them with contrasting leggings to project an outstanding style statement. If you wish to know- what are tunics, then you must wear them before the buying them. After wearing them, tunics will cover your hips line and are relatively shorter than kurtis. Buy online women leggings and step into them to feel the ultimate level of comfort.

With Skirts

Now, this is something extra with sass! Try a cool pair of leggings with mini skirts or ruffled skirts which have been ignored due to their lengths. Now, leggings are providing you with the freedom. Wear them with closed neck dresses or tees to exude ultimate style of the day. Let your peers ask you for the designer. (psttt…hide your name)

Buy a floral skirt online and team them up with bandaged leggings.

Ripped Shorts

Another darling in this list is a pair of ripped shorts which can be vehemently worn with a pair of leggings. Though women shorts are for those women who love to enjoy the freedom of individual entity, leggings add the comfort cum style quotient of the wearer.

Pair them with deep colour or clean white pleated shirt to magnetise maximum glares from the corners of the room. 

Classic Kurtis

Do I need to mention the eternal bond of kurtis and leggings? They are made for each other and amazingly co-praise each other. One can wear Anarkalis, tube style kurtis, A-line kurtis and other types of kurtis with different types and colours of leggings. Match up your attire with catchy sandals, boots, brogues, slip ons, heels and other kind of footwears (you are free to do experiments!).

As Petticoat With Sarees

This sub category is truly inspired from the Tinsel town divas who have inaugurated this style. This time just ditch your regular petticoat when wearing any classic saree and replace it with a pair of classic body fit leggings. And then drape your saree in half style to flaunt your new discovered way.

Thumbs up girls and try them to show us your unbreakable attitude o wearing classing things in a new and bold way!

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