Can’t Control What the World Does

Some may not understand that we’re unable to control every situation and certainly are unable to control people. The focus should be on trying to do better. live better. to excel and be happy. When it appears as if there’s no breakthroughs near. There are. Takes some time. No “matter” how many storms come in. Think about trying to achieve, To advance from one stage to another. Problems will certainly arise and we’re not able to stop problems from occurring. 

Remember that every trial will fade at some point. The toughness will become lighter. No person on earth will avoid pain. No person can stop what others will do. There will always be persons who want to give others a difficult time. Perhaps due to unhappiness or simply competitiveness. It’s better to just focus on trying “to live a better life.” Not be so concerned about what people will do because they’re going to do whatever their mind tells the individuals to do. 

So many are fearful because of not being able to control certain situations. Not seeing how they’ll come out of a situation filled with a lot of problematic events. There’s envy all over and we’ll face lots of people who refuse to accept what is or what will be. Some will try very hard to stop others from growing and unfortunately we’re unable to stop individuals from behaving foolishly. 

If we’re finding the troubles of the world are causing unhappiness then there must be some disconnecting. Not everyone will be friendly or will be like a ray of sunshine. Some will continue to spill their toxicity all over the place. There’s a choice whether to be apart of the toxins or to just life. Troubled individuals may want to stay that way. That’s not our concern. “Focusing on excelling” and making lives better is certainly better than being apart of all of the chaos. 

There’s a lot of destruction inside of the world. A lot of evilness in society. There has to be a way to protect the mind from all of the madness. Just coming in contact with certain individuals can generate stress. It’s best to take some time out and try to “find the most effective ways to stay whole.” To not allow others to cause a meltdown. They’ll try of course. The thoughts of rising up is better than focusing on what others will do. No matter what’s said there’s some who will continue to be disruptive. 

There should be more focus on living better but perhaps some are too busy thinking about how miserable they are. Certainly misery loves company. There’s way too much work to be done. Meaning we should try to do as much as we can while we’re here. The world will probably “continue” to be troubled as long as there’s individuals with destructive mindsets. 

“Do not Allow the Troubles of the World Create a Cease. Continue to Focus on Excelling.” BY: Tanikka Paulk 

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