Can’t Figure What to do With it

Trying to annoy or disturb a person who’s trying to get ahead and be part of better living seems unfair but we’re living on borrowed time. The roaming is taking place. Trying to devour and gain as many as the evil can. So many aren’t sure how to deal with individuals who keep going no matter what’s set in front of the individuals. Just something minor may annoy people. When one achieves a lot alone then lot will become annoyed. Not sure want to do with it huh?

So each day they’re trying to find a way to get the person or persons down. Accomplish alone and yelling, accomplish with another and aggressiveness, accomplish with a group and outrage. Oh well. Accomplish anyway. Denying the what is creates more problems. A person having to prove what they’ve accomplished all the time says a lot. When others want someone’s gift they’re headed somewhere. They haven’t figure what to do with it. 

So the days go on and still the person continues. Going through all of the dysfunctions making progress each time. The further one gets the more annoyed they’ll become. Envious because of having to witness some achieving before their eyes. Even Leaders of the past had to experience the same treatment. Group of people trying to take away what was “achieved and earned.” 

Thieves. The acts are more about wanting to control. Not wanting a certain person or persons to be in control. To be in a “leadership” position. So the taunting will occur the anger will continue but through it all there’s light. Oh yes. The best anyone can do when they’re with naysayers is to keep progressing. Never lose hope. Never doubt. 

Some continue to discourage because they’re discouraged not happy and not satisfied. They’re hoping others will just stop and not even try. Some give in but shouldn’t. In a way it’s a sign there’s a lot of greatness within. Some will want to grab a hold of a person’s “vision. dream, and ideas.” So they’ll try to intimidate so they’ll just hand over what’s been given before birth. 

Sometimes it’s best to just laugh continue to smile. There’s a lot of hopelessness and a lot envy. Whatever takes place never hand over what’s been earned. Dr. King had a dream. Things have changed. “We’re longer seeing black and white.” We’re diversified. There will come a time when any person will get tired of the same old attacks and then just go on with self or another. Not settling and no one should. The courage is what keeps so many going on. 

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