Your Car, Phone and Rapid X’s X5 and XSCAPE Car Chargers

RapidX Car Chargers
Running low on power is no big deal when you and your smartphone are home. But having this happen while in a car can make matters serious. Especially if you’re using a navigation app as they really drain the battery. So having access to an even bigger battery — that of the car — is what’s needed. So you have Rapid X’s X5 Rapid Car Charger and the XSCAPE Safety Dual USB Car Charger, but for similar and also dissimilar reasons.

The X5 isn’t your typical charger that plugs into a USB socket/cigarette lighter in the car. At the forefront is the nub that gets inserted, but also trailing on a cable right behind it are two USB ports. Each of these dispense enough power for what your smartphone needs and expects. But there’s more because these are “priority” ports. Inside is circuitry designed to speed up the charging of whatever is connected to it, providing that the device can handle fast charging. And if you follow the 5 foot cable father along and go to the other end, you’ll now find 3 USB ports. Similar looking to the earlier ones, yes, and able to handle enough for charging whatever is connected to it.

On the other hand, the XSCAPE Safety Dual USB Car Charger might seem a bit bland in comparison. True it also goes into that USB socket/cigarette lighter, but it’s a short device that’s self-contained, no wires involved. There are 2 USB sockets at one end (the inserted nub being at the other), each able to draw out the power needed for a smartphone. So it’s useful and simple, for sure, and doing the basic job required. But since it’s being used in a car, those who engineered it figured that it should be more useful in a pinch. Meaning if the situation of traveling in a car results in something bad. Like an accident. So the XSCAPE has a small protrusion that houses a contained blade. Normally you can ignore it, but not if in any situation where getting out of the car fast is required and you can’t work the buckle to release the seat belt. A quick swipe of the blade and you’re free. And since being free includes NOT being in the car, the XSCAPE’s end isn’t designed jus to look sorta high-tech. The steel rod embedded is designed to do one thing: shatter a window. A quick hit and the job gets done and you can be on your way.

The X5 Rapid Car Charger retails for $24.99 (and even has a clip for keeping it from flapping around), while the XSCAPE Safety Dual USB Car Charger retails for $17.99. At those prices, it makes less sense to choose between them than it does to get them both. So do.

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