How Car Sonar Helps Drivers in Parking

Car Sonar Sensors- How Do They Work?

Sonar is an acronym for Sound Navigation and Ranging and is used in cars in auto sonar. Sonar is used by bats to find their way around in the night. This system is called echolocation. Bats use sonar to see at night and to detect insects and objects. They, like dolphins, also use sonar for communication. Humans use auto sonar to help with reverse parking.

Modern navies depend on sonar a great deal. The first recorded use of sonar was actually to detect vessels and was achieved by Leonardo da Vinci in 1490.

Sonar gives the precise bearing to a particular target from a submarine. It also gives the target’s course, speed and range. Drivers often find it difficult to park in dimly lit areas and most drivers-even experienced drivers-just want some help with reverse parking. This where auto sonar comes in-auto sonar is used in parking sensors.


How Car Sonar Helps Drivers in Parking

How Car Sonar Helps Drivers in Parking’s_parking_Italy_By_Stefano_Bolognini.JPG


Why do Some Drivers Use Parking Sensors?

Active sonar used in reverse parking sensors works by sending out a pulse of sound and listening for echoes of the pulse. Parking sensors are also called rear parking sensors, back up parking sensors, reverse parking sensors or even garage parking sensors. This parking sensor helps prevent damage to your car and garage.

Auto sonar helps drives improve rear view safety.

The use of auto sonar cuts down on backing accidents by improving reverse parking. The sonar devices used in cars to aid in obstacle detection are known as ultrasonic parking backup sensors.


Car Sonar Sensors in Lexus Vehicles

Lexus’ LS 460 L sedan has four rear and six front sonar sensors. The Lexus carries its driver one step closer to realizing fantasy by being able to park itself, using its system of sonar detectors.

You can see the video, which demonstrates sonar technology, below.


Lexus Parks Itself



Car Sonar Sensors in Ford Model Vehicles

Ford also used sonar technology to assist backing up in 1999 on the Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition and offers an Active Park Assist system on the 2010 model of the Lincoln MKT.

Sonar makes it simple for drivers to operate their cars with ease and safety. They are relatively easy to install and prevent collisions and injuries.


How to Install a Reverse Safety Camera on Your Car



Cut Down on Collisions with your Truck or Car

Rear obstacle detection systems work for trucks as well and cut down on encroachment crashes where a truck backs into an object, pedal cyclist, pedestrian, slow moving vehicle or stationary vehicle. They also reduce accidents that occur when a truck is hit when backing out into a roadway.

The gives a full technical report on rear obstacle detection systems as they are used in trucks. This rear obstacle detection system helps to prevent collisions and costly damage to your vehicle.

Simpler parking sensors, which are easy to install and a lot cheaper (but don’t park the vehicle) will cut down on collisions with people, cars or objects while a driver is trying to fit into a small parking space at home or in a parking lot.





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