Carry And Sing Karaoke With The CarryOkeBell

What irks karaoke fans the most is not being able to share the tunes their singing with others — karaoke isn’t really a one-person thing. But having to lug all kinds of equipment around stinks, so what’s the solution? It’s VocoPro’s CarryOkeBell, because it’s all you need right there in your hand, to carry wherever you want.

The CarryOkeBell is shaped like a super fat microphone which makes sense since it does has a microphone. But that’s just the start of what it’s got working because at one end it’s got what sort of looks like one of those large old-style bells that they used to ring in olden days to tell the kids to come in from recess and get back to book-studying. That’s because that’s where the sound comes out of. And since everything is digital today (as in the digital amplifier), all the controls are right are there on it, powered by an internal battery you recharge between uses.

But so nobody gets confused, the fact that it can connect with Bluetooth or an AUX input just means you can use it to pull in karaoke tracks via streaming or direct plugging as if it was speaker—but you don’t need a phone or tablet to karaoke with the CarryOkeBell as far as just your voice goes. Just saying.

So what’s going on is that you sing into the mic end and hear it a LOT louder coming out of the 3 watt horn. Don’t like what you hear? Add echo or modulate your voice using the 7 digital voice settings. BTW, the quality of the voice frequencies is pretty good too — the microphone handling a 50Hz-12.5kHz response (music is worked over at 48Hz-18kHz). So if you want to stay “pure” just tweak the bass and treble responses and rely on the sound coming through loud and clear.

The CarryOkeBell retails for $89.00 and includes a USB to Mic/Headphone Jack (for recording on supported apps), a USB charging cable and a carrying case with a spring hook. Plus there’s a headphone output for plugging in a minijack for private listening as it disables the speaker. That makes for easy practice and lack of embarrassment as you get your karaoke on.

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