Catalyst’s Impact Protection Apple Watch Case Will Protect Your Apple Watch

Watches used to tout that they could take anything your wrist could and “keep on ticking.” Smart watches obviously do a whole lot more, but their electronics make them far more vulnerable to damage and day-to-day wear. Rather than taking a chance on what is a sizable investment, or leaving it at home, it seems sensible to protect it with a case. But not any case — Catalyst’s Impact Protection Apple Watch Case is the one to wear. Providing your Apple Watch is series 2 or 3.

The Catalyst watch case starts by looking good — otherwise it’s going to be tossed aside because fashion and the Apple Watch are paramount to many. Not to mention that the case needs to feel comfortable and not add any real weight to the wrist. This case does all that — being available in multiple colors (Black and Space Gray, Blueridge/Sunset, Army Green, Coral, Glacier Blue and Sunset), weighing only 5 grams and composed of a dual layer material designed to absorb and buffet away shocks and impacts. It’s also better aimed at handling drops/falls as it exceeds military standard for 9.9 feet (3 meters).

Now obviously you have to be able to touch the front of the watch, so covering it with some heavy screen isn’t going to happen. Taking that into account, and the odds being that the watch is going to be kissing concrete and tiles on occasion because carpets are never there when you need them, so there’s a front rubber lip out in front of the case ahead of the watch’s face. What this means in real life is that the lip gets the pain should the watch fall face down.

Getting even more obvious, unlike some phone cases, there’s no opening for the Apple watch Digital crown to peek out. That’s an invitation for disaster and one that Catalyst has covered. So the case itself has a Digital crown that mates with and works with the watch’s one. So the watch Digital crown stays safe while the Catalyst case’s Digital crown meets the world.

The Impact Protection Apple Watch Case is available in both the 42mm and the 38mm sizes and the colors as mentioned earlier. It retails for $39.99.

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