It Certainly Takes Courage to Live the Dream

Some are way to fearful to try to live their dreams. Afraid of failure or what others will think. There’s no denying that there will be hecklers, naysayers, and critics. The only way to avoid the critics is to decide to do nothing at all. In order to dream and set fourth a vision one has to “build” confidence. Be surrounded by individuals who want to see excelling occur. No dream can come alive if one doesn’t believe in self. Thoughts are important when trying to accomplishing goals and tasks. 

Some become discouraged by the noise. The noise makers will be there no matter what. There’s nothing anyone can do about the noise but finding the best ways to advance through the noise is important. No should stop dreaming because others want a stop to occur. The ones who refused to live their dreams will most likely be the ones trying to discourage others from living their dreams. We shouldn’t stop because the world isn’t pleased. We’re not here to please the world. 

Shouldn’t we all be encouraging one another to “live the dream. To “prosper” in some way. Discouraging others to stop dreaming isn’t beneficial at all. In fact the discouragement can prevent a more stable economy. Everyone should want to advance in some way. Doesn’t matter how many people are displeased by a dream. No one should stop dreaming because of the opinions of others. If we’re always in tuned with the opinionated ones then we’ll never excel. 

Don’t  focus on reasons why dreams shouldn’t occur. Focus o at least one reason why dreams should. There may be times when slowness occurs related to a dream or vision but no amount of problems should create a stop. We’re all talented and each person deserves to dream. Some may take longer than other to bring their dreams to light. Trying is success. 

Of course there will be some fear at some point but with continuous faith the fear will be removed. There will be adversity but there will also be excitement. Thinking about the outcome and not the pain helps with movement. There must be some determination involved. If there’s no determination then no dream will prosper. Without the dreams. Elevating won’t occur. If elevation doesn’t occur then financial stability won’t occur. Listen to positive words and positive communications so that motivation stays.

Doesn’t matter if family or friends are trying to discourage the vision and ideas. They’re suppose to live their own lives. Of course we can listen to suggestions and opinions but no one’s opinions should dictate the path. Some may choose not to live their dreams because of financial reasons. There’s some who go on jobs everyday and they’re still struggling. So instead of taking the risk they’ll rather struggle with the dead end job. Later regretting not following their dreams. Be courageous and believe in the capabilities. 

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