Hobbyzone Champ S Plus Flies Itself

Have you ever thought that you would like to learn to fly a plane? Even a flying a model plane takes a lot of practice. Who has the time, the patience or the persistence to watch their hard earned dollars fall out of the sky or crash land again and again? The guys at Hobbyzone obviously think it doesn’t have to be that way. Earlier in 2016 they released the Champ S Plus, complete with SAFE drone technology and three flying modes. The Champ S Plus will effortlessly take you from Beginner to Champion in no time. You might even want to let the kids have a try.

The Champ S Plus is Packed With Features

The Champ’s features include AutoLand technology; until you’re ready to land it manually, it will set itself on a stable, constant approach and land itself near where it took off. It also has AS3X  Automatic Flight Levelling  technology and Panic Recovery; if you lose control, switch to beginner mode and release the control sticks. The Panic Recovery feature will bring your plane back to level flight. If you need to divert your attention for a moment, the Champ has a Holding Pattern function that will cause it to return to near its take off site and circle above it at about 65 feet. A virtual fence prevents the Champ from straying out of range; when it reaches the boundary, it turns around, it also won’t fly too high. These useful features are assisted by a built in GPS and powered by a durable LiPo battery. If you like a bird’s eye view, provision is made for an optional camera with a headset and monitor.

It really is a Champ

The Champ really does live up to its name, Hobbyzone have packed a heap of top shelf features into a very affordable package. Now there’s no excuse for not having a go.

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