Charge At Home With The Charger Pro

Everybody spends so much time talking about mobile power that they forget that most of the time they’re home where a wall outlet beckons. But having phones and tablets and other USB powered devices means a lot of outlets can get used up. A better solution is a wall charger that’s small enough to be ubiquitous, but powerful enough to for taking care of a handful of devices at one go. Such is the introduction to VogDuo’s Charger Pro.

The NAME is small enough to fit in a pocket, knapsack, glove compartment (among other places) because it’s certainly portable and most places you might be going to have an electrical outlet — like a friend or relatives house. It’s not so small as to be slippery in the hand, and comes in an attractive choice of colors so it doesn’t embarrass. But the big thing is that it provides the juice needed for more than just one device.

Because it has 3 high powered USB outlets to plug into — all can be used simultaneously to provide fast charging. No LED battery levels or dots indicating charge intensity because there’s alway gonna be power from the outlet flowing (unless you fail to pay your electric bill). But yeah there is a LED dot showing that it’s got power working. Totaling 30 watts of power, that means no issues with charging phones or tablets, but it also applies to portable gaming systems, digital cameras and others.

Now sending electricity through at high speeds means there better be safety features built in. So there are — for one, you don’t have to worry about it overheating because that’s taken care of. As is overvoltage and overcurrent control (this all keeps the electricity flowing at the speed limit, as it were).

The Charger Pro has a 270 degree swiveling plug to make for a non-cramped hand/furrowed brow insertion (power strips with wall marts hogging up space, we’re talking about you) and automatically adjusts to the level of electricity being provided — that means you can use it here in the States or take it for a plane trip to another country. So yes indeed this qualifies as a travel charger. Plus you can choose between a glossy black, a red or white finish. Regardless of color it retails for $59.99.

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