Here Charges The Pod Pro for iPhone & Apple Watch

Pod Pro

The interesting thing about the original iPod was that it was shaped like a rectangle, not a pod at all. So for the Pod Pro to say it’s a “pod” is indeed accurate, but so what? The “what” is that inside this pod-like shape is a compact and dense lithium battery with 6000mAh of power. That means that 1)the Pod Pro is a portable power pack ready to charge up something and 2)there’s enough power for an 8X dose for what goes on your wrist and a double dose for what goes against your ear. But what are those two it will be charging, is the next question to ask.

The answer to that is an iPhone and an Apple Watch — which makes sense since it’s been certified by Apple for doing both. You twist apart the Pod Pro with a firm motion because it’s being held together by magnets. With the top revealing the bottom section, it’s an easy matter to plug in an Apple Watch’s induction charging cable to the USB socket now revealed (taking either a 1 meter or 2 meter length).
Then you wind the cable around and around the pod and terminate the induction flat head at the top. Reattach the Pod Pro’s top (twist and magnetic-click easy) and now all you have to do is place the Apple Watch face up on the Pod Pro’s top and it’s charge city. But there’s still an iPhone to consider, and to take care of that there’s a permanently attached 9.4” Lightning cable that also keeps in place using a magnet. You just pull it out ??? From  and plug it into the iPhone and let the charge begin. And yes, you can charge both iPhone and Apple Watch together if you’d like.

The Pod Pro is made from a rigid aluminum casing mixed with polycarbonate that gives it both a firm and sleek look as well as a solid heft when held (plus a rubber base so it doesn’t scratch what it’s being laid upon). Yet we’re just talking about 6+ ounces. Obviously there’s a charging port for the battery to get its power (micro-USB) and a switch to start the battery racing, with those pesky little horizontal LEDS indicating battery strength that we’re all so familiar with these days.

Retail for the Nomad Pod Pro comes n the Space Grey color Apple has made known and is $69.95. That’s not much to pay for having a power pack that makes convenience of use and portability so viable. If you’ve only an iPhone, it’s worth having, but if you have both an iPhone and an Apple Watch it can easily become your go-to battery pack necessity ready to travel when you are.

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