Charity Starts From An Organic Garden

Our Bacud Charities, Philippines' Organic Vegetable and Herbal Garden

Our Bacud (Fence) Herbal and Vegetable Organic Garden started in November 16, 2014, it was unexpected that after a couple of months I will be showered with positive impression, heart bloating appreciation and personalized recognition. It caught attention from various Facebook users – relatives, friends, acquaintances and people I did not know previously and just met for the very first time.

Our Bacud is located in the town of Arayat, Province of Pampanga, Philippines situated within the vast agricultural area in Central Luzon, Philippines.; thus I am very familiar with farming. Within two months of solely doing it, Bacud is eventually created as an Organic Vegetable and Herbal Garden with a mission to make it a model that will be of help to our community. Since fences and trellises used in Our Bacud all came from donations through Facebook, thus, my Bacud became everyone’s Bacud, the Bacud of the community where harvest from the organic garden are all given free prioritizing who requested first while regulating the quantity given for fair distribution.

Excess in donations came in and the rest of the amount was utilized in weekly feeding program for 106 less fortunate children within the community. As of this time, other charity projects are ongoing weekly – free distribution of vegetable and herbal seedlings for the neighborhood to start their own organic garden, Bible study for 57 children, parlor games for children, cooking lessons for mothers and the youth, high school scholarship grants, free tutorial for weak performers in school, livelihood projects, acting and singing training for children, compost fertilizer-making for free distribution, permaculture farming, mini-nursery for hardwood trees, mini-library and mini-kitchen project and book exchanges.

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