Review – Legit Way To Make An Income Online?

One thing I have noticed, is a TON of stay at home moms, dads, Or anyone for that matter who are looking to make a little extra income to help out with financial expenses. If you have an internet connection, let it be known, it can be possible, and tons of people even make a reasonable full time income just by using the computer in the comfort of their own home! The hard part is weeding out the scammy sites, and focusing on the legit sites that do actually pay!

Lets take a second and focus on this site; On the website itself, it states that you can earn by contributing to the site. Once you join, and confirm your email, your account is ready to go! You will see TONS of topics on the front page. You can choose ANY topic, then give your very own personal opinion on the topic, as well as comment on other peoples comments related to the topic. Each time you submit your comment, you earn a “point”. Each point is worth 1 penny. Now, a penny doesnt seem like much, but it sure does add up pretty fast!

Once you hit 500 points, you are eligible to redeem. You can redeem for different things, such as gift cards to local stores, or even a PAYPAL redemption! If you have reached the 500 mark, and redeem through paypal, the amount you would be paid would be $5.00. I have been with Chatabout for a little over a year now, and I can say they ARE LEGIT! They do pay. As a matter of fact, Each time I have hit the redemption button, I was paid the very next morning. Keep in mind, this could vary on times. Though, as long as you didnt break any rules, your payment should show fairly soon! You can join Chatabout

at any time to see if you could benefit from it as well! It can actually turn into a hobby and be fun, rather than “work”. They usually have enjoyable topics to choose from, and everyone has their very own opinion on each topic, which makes it easier to be able to add those points up!

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