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Racing, drifting and driving at high speeds on a go-kart is always a fun experience for me. I’ve been driving it since 3 years ago when first saw it speed racing on the trail. Since then, it was a dream for me  to own a go-kart.

It’s a costly investment to own a brand new go kart. Despite fuel consumption, you still need to estimate budget on the monthly maintenance to ensure you’re safe when driving. So, most of the go-kart lover prefer to get a used go-kart instead of buying a new one.

I was thinking to get my son a go-kart for his coming 6 year old birthday. I’ve been doing some research in term of price list, kart performances and which type of kart work great for kids and toddlers.  Below are few recommended and reviews of choices that you might find interesting about it.

Thing To Consider Before Buy A Go-Kart For Kids

Before making any decision to get money out from your wallet to buy a go-kart for your kids, there are few things that you need to bear in mind and consider to think twice to make a purchase.

Here are few requirements that you should take in consideration instead blindly buy a go-kart including:

1. Price and budget is the key to determine what kind of model you afford to get. A go kart can range from as low as $100 to as much as a few thousand dollars. So, in order to get a reliable and good quality of the kart, then you should set yourself a limit on how much you’ll spend on this toy.

2. There are various kinds of kart models to choose from such as electric powered, fuel type, and pedal type. You should choose one that suit your needs. If this is for kids usage under ages 6 years old, then it’s more preferred to get a pedal type than an electric powered as it’s safer.

3. Please do include in maintenance expenses when buying a go-kart. If you’re choosing a fuel powered kart, then you definitely need to consider the fuel consumption by the machine. For the long run, the budget on maintenance is a cost that you can’t ignore. It’s wise to take this as a consideration before buy a kart.

Go Kart Under $100

If you’re under budget and try to look for something cheaper, then you should take a quick glance of below recommended electric kart.

They are designed with lightweight frame, powered with batteries which deliver approximately 40 minutes of drive time per charge and different speeds. Compared with those fuels kart, they’re more eco-friendly and cost saving.

It comes with thumb trigger acceleration control, hand-operated rear brake, molded aluminium wheels, and durable bucket seat deliver first class safety during your ride.

Get Him or Her A Pedal Go Kart For Kid

Some other are just not suitable for speed, especially if you have a kid under age of 6.

In order to let your kid feel the excitement of go-karting, you can start to introduce to him a pedal kart instead of electric powered racing kart.

A pedaled kart is packed with safety features such as dual rear wheel hand brake and enclosed chain guard for emergency stop proposes. It’s equipped with easy adjustable high-back seat and racing steering wheel for comfortable during the ride.

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