Check The Trunk For The Jolt All Purpose Jump Starter

Jolt All Purpose Jump Starter
Let’s be blunt – having a car means freedom of movement, but it also means you’ve got one huge mechanical and electronic device that could fail at a moment’s notice due to one thing going bad. And by that we mean the car battery that powers every single thing the car has and can do. And even if it doesn’t happen in a parking lot or after coming home from a trip, the results are the same: the car is like a big expensive and completely dead rock. Unless you have the Jolt All Purpose Jump Starter in the trunk.

The Jolt is designed to look like a flashlight because it can function as one — no need to describe how you hold it or how to press the button to cause LED light to emit from the end opposite of you. No disposable batteries here though; the rechargeable power supply can give you a solid hour of 5 different levels of light (low, medium, high and a strobe effect and SOS). The lumens level representing the level of light is pretty impressive too — being 1000. That’s all good, but now it gets better.

The back end pops off to reveal two ports. One is a USB output, the other designed for use with the jumper cables that are included (and the reason why there’s no room for what the Jolt needs to have handy in the glove compartment because where then would the jumper cables go?).

Now these jumper cables terminate in a tab that plugs into corresponding depressions on the Jolt’s back end. No worries about the jumper cables sparking either, because that’s been taken care of during the manufacturing. The Jolt will light up or juice up a smartpHone via the USB socket, but you’d best start out with a full charge if you’re going to jump start your car’s battery (a full charge of the 5100 mAH battery will let you do that jump start a number of times). Or use it to jump start any 12v vehicle or a motorcycle or Jet Ski… you get the idea.

The Jolt All Purpose Jump Starter has the sense to be IP63 rated — in other words it can handle getting wet without going dead just when you need it. And it meets the requirements for traveling on a flight, so it can be taken along to make sure that rental car doesn’t cause you any grief. It’s even durable enough to to break glass, should the occasion demand it. And the company who makes it had the sense to keep the price reasonable too: it retails for $159.99.

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