How did the Chief Human Resources Officer’s Role Evolve?

Human resources has majorly evolved in the past few years. HR practitioners do not only take up administrative functions nowadays but have become influential members of companies whose actions can affect crucial decisions in an organization.

Human Resources

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In this article, we are going to focus on the changing role of human resources in organizations and the emerging position of a Chief Human Resources Officer. And how significant this post in companies.

Who is a Chief Human Resources Officer?

A chief Humans Resources Officer is someone who heads the human resources department of an organization and becomes the voice of the company’s human resources practitioners.

It is the responsibility of a Chief Humans Resources Officer to stay connected to the management teams, the board of directors as well as the shareholders to comprehend the goals of the company. And build an effective human resources strategy aligning to those goals.

It is not easy to become a Chief Human Resources Officer as it requires you to attain at least fifteen years of experience in the field of HR and also five years of experience in being a Human Resources Executive. If you think that you have worked in HR for that long and would like to receive some better responsibilities, the position of a CHRO would go perfectly with your profile.

The best way to obtain a CHRO position in a well-renowned organization is by earning potent Professional Human Resources certifications from relevant institutes such as HR Certification Institute and Talent Management Institute.
Certifications like Senior Professional in Human Resources and Senior Talent Management Practitioner can help you make an impression over employers and give you the confidence to showcase your skills as an HR professional that you have been learning all these years of your HR career.

A modern CHRO is not involved in one but all the crucial function of the HR. From recruiting to talent management, everything is carried out under their guidance. As almost every activity going on in the human resources department is supervised by a chief Humans Resources Officer, they are accountable for the HR department’s overall performance.

How did it begin?
The history of the emergence of a human resources department goes back to the 18th century’s industrial revolution in Europe. However, the position of a CHRO is comparatively new to the business world.

The first mention of a CHRO was perhaps in an article by the Harvard Business Review in the year 1985. So why do you think it took so long for this position to gain relevance. A lot of people think it was because of the lack of interest of organizations in nurturing and expanding their human resources department.

During the 1970’s, the importance of an HR department majorly increased and that was when business leaders realized it was essential to consider the HR’s insight at the time of making critical business decisions. And that’s how the position of a CHRO emerged.

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