Child-Friendly Tips for a Fulfilling Disney Holiday

Taking the kids to a Disney holiday is every loving parent’s dream. But even if you have the time and budget, there are things you need to consider to make that dream come true and fulfilling. The Disney vacation points for rent for example is one of the most convenient and practical ways to book a Disney vacation club package. With proper planning and an acute sense of timing, your stay at the world’s biggest and most popular theme park will be a total blast.


1. Get a copy of the Little Ones Disney Tour Guide.


The Little Ones Disney Tour Guide is the best Disney guide you can get for your little kids. The guide suggests things to do to avoid the hassles associated with a Disney visit. It tells you how to find fun attractions and make use of the park’s services. Aside from the Disney vacation points, you should make this guide an important part of your plan. Disney is a great tourist attraction. You should expect a crowd when you get there. To help you make the most of your visit, you may avail of the park’s child-friendly services.


  • Disney FastPass+ – This handy service allows you to spend more time enjoying the fun. It allows you to reserve access to Disney World attractions well in advance with no additional cost. You just have to comply with a few conditions.


  • Stroller Rentals – You don’t have to bring along strollers for your little ones while at the parks. All four of the Walt Disney World theme Parks offer stroller rentals on a single day or multi-day basis. This can help to make your visit less strenuous and more relaxed.


  • Child Care Centers – Each theme park has a child care center when you can take your little ones for a break or even a nap.


  • Rider Switch – This service is available only on select theme park attractions. This comes quite handy for parents who love to experience more thrilling attractions minus their kids who are not quite ready to join them. The rider switch allows guests to take turns waiting on children who may be too young to ride a particular attraction. This enables all guests to experience the attraction without having to worry about their kids who are left behind.


2. Plan carefully in order to get realistic results.


Don’t get too excited when you’ve finally decided to make the tour. This will lead you to make a buying spree of a package that includes too many parks for your length of stay. Aside from the money wasted, this can also bring frustrations. To get away with this, you should rank your priorities and schedule them accordingly. Choose the best attractions your time will allow. Remember to take the full advantage of the Disney vacation points you have.


3. Start early.


Don’t forget to make extra time for a lull. Even if you are on a fun trip, you and your kids can still get exhausted. You will surely need a rest period to be able to recharge. One way to make this happen is to start as early as possible. This will give extra time for a midday siesta where you can just relax or take a dip at the hotel’s pool. You can resume your tour later in the afternoon when the sun is lower and everyone is re-energized. You might not believe this, but a Disney visit includes times when you have to walk. A short rest is really necessary especially at times when the sun is hot. This is good for you and your kids.


A Disney holiday visit is one of the best times to spend family time together. But even with the fun, enjoyment and memorable experience it offers, it can still go wrong in the absence of careful planning. Even if you have enough money, you would certainly love to find a good deal in order to save. Again, this can be served well by a good plan, proper timing and taking advantage of interest free payment plans such as the Disney vacation points for rent.


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