Chilling Champagne: Handy Tips for the Novice

Chilling champagne to just the right temperature helps make this bubbly delight even nicer for any celebration. Fortunately, there is no deep dark secret connected with chilling champagne to the ideal temperature. All you need is an ice bucket, some ice, and a little time.

Get the Ice Bucket Ready

This involves using just enough ice to fill half of the bucket. With most champagne bottles, this is just enough ice to chill the champagne, but not enough to cause the ice to flow out of the top when the bottle is inserted.

Add a Little Water

The water will help expedite the cooling action of the ice and chill the bottle evenly. Fill roughly half of the remaining space in the bucket. For bottles with a larger base, try using on a fourth of the space. That will leave just enough room to ease the bottle into the bucket.

Insert the Bottle of Champagne

Slide the champagne bottle into the ice bucket. Make sure the bottle remains upright as it chills in the ice and water combination.

Allow the Champagne to Chill

Leave the bottle in place for roughly thirty minutes. Assuming that the room is at a moderate temperature, this will be long enough to chill the champagne to a desirable forty-five to fifty degrees Fahrenheit. Remember that if you are busy making preparations for company, you can prepare the champagne as much as an hour ahead of time and still ensure it remains in the desired temperature range.

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of chilling and serving champagne. Even if you have never served it before, the process is not difficult. After the first time, you’ll never doubt your ability again.

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