Choosing the Right Sketchbook for Art Journaling

It’s quite unfortunate that watercolor sketchbooks are not so popular in my town yet, so I often have to travel to nearby cities to shop for artist notebooks. My primary medium for art journaling is watercolor, and this is why I’ve always preferred watercolor sketchbooks over other types of sketchbooks. And I like the portrait kind that measures 9 inches by 6 inches or 12 inches by 9 inches.

If your primary art medium is acrylic, you can go for either a watercolor sketchbook that weighs at least 200 gsm or a mixed media sketchbook with about the same weight.

If collage is your thing, any type of sketchbook or sketch pad will do. Layering papers and adding gesso will make every page thick and strong for acrylic painting.  I like to use old books and calendars for my collage work. I just gesso the page, layer it with white acrylic, or glue some scraps of paper on it.

Knowing what your preferred medium is will help you choose the right sketchbook for your art journals. There are literally thousands of sketchbook styles and designs that you choose from. You can also opt to make your own watercolor sketchbook, which can save you money and cater to your own artistic whims.

Image credit: ziggy2012 / Pixabay

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