Christmas Gift Ideas for Tudor History Lovers: 2 Great Tudor History Books This Year

Christmas gift ideas for Tudor history fans

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Do you know someone who loves history? Christmas gift ideas can be difficult to come by, but are definitely not impossible. Books are a great go-to when you’re really stuck.

Over the next few weeks or so, I’m going to offer a range of Christmas gift ideas for Tudor history lovers. Today I’m sharing two of my favorite books. History fans will have mixed reviews about some authors. I like those that take some liberties with history when it comes to conversations and behind the scene drama, but will stick to historical accuracy when it comes to dates and people.

The Tudors: The Complete Story of England’s Most Notorious Dynasty

With the amount that I write about the Tudor period, it likely makes sense that I recommend this one. It’s a non-fiction book but with storytelling, so works for multiple interests. It’s great for those who want to read for entertainment, and already know some of the basic facts. Those who loved The Tudors may love this because it still tells a story but with historical accuracy.

It really goes into the details of all the monarchs, and what they did for England. The story goes into how they affected the lives of others, whether it was Henry VIII’s six wives or Elizabeth I’s best friend Robert Dudley.

When you know someone wants to get away from the myths but still have a story to read, The Tudors: The Complete Story of England’s Most Notorious Dynasty is definitely the book of choice.

The Tudor Rose: A Vibrant Fascinating Tale of the Queen Who Founded a Dynasty

Christmas gift ideas for Tudor fans

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When you think of “The Tudor Rose,” you’ll be forgiven for thinking of Mary Tudor, Henry VIII’s sister. I thought that when I first picked up The Tudor Rose: A Vibrant Fascinating Tale of the Queen Who Founded a Dynasty. It’s actually about Henry and Mary’s mother, Elizabeth of York.

She was the one who joined the country when Henry VII defeated Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth; the one the people wanted to see on the throne because of her father.

The story looks at Elizabeth before she married Henry Tudor. It’s a story of murder and betrayal, as she makes decisions on what is right for England. Margaret Campbell Barnes tells it from the view of Elizabeth feared Richard murdered her brothers; a common belief among historians and history lovers.

There are mixed reviews from Tudor book fans. I’ve never pretended to be a big fan of Phillipa Gregory, and I think those who don’t really like her storytelling will love this one. If you know someone prefers Phillipa Gregory (and her disregard for some of historical fact) then this may not be the perfect gift. I’d suggest the book above instead.

Finding Christmas gift ideas for Tudor history lovers isn’t going to be impossible. There really are lots of choices. These two are two of my favourite books on the subject. There will certainly be more to come over the next few weeks or so.

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