Christmas Gift Ideas for Writers: 2 Coffee Mugs All Writers Need

There’s an inside joke with writers. We always need coffee…and we love our mugs that highly some of the dangers of knowing writers or what being a writer really means.

With that in mind, it’s time to look for Christmas gift ideas for writers. Whether you have one in your home or you know a friend who loves to write, these two coffee mugs could certainly work out as great gifts. I love them, and already know what I’ll be hinting my husband to get me for my joke Christmas present this year.

Do Not Annoy the Writer…

Christmas gifts for writers

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One thing that you shouldn’t do is annoy a writer. Whether male or female, you could end up with your name and likeness placed in a book. And with that, you could end up being killed off. Don’t underestimate the power of a writer’s imagination or ability. Just look at George R.R. Martin’s ability to kill off numerous characters (and some of them seemingly main characters).

This “Do Not Annoy the Writer” mugis a great reminder why you shouldn’t. This one is the female version, but there are options for male writers on Amazon, too.

$25 may seem a little steep for a coffee mug, but it’s not had any negative reviews. There are different sellers on Amazon offering variations and I’ve not found anything less than 4-stars. The printing is dishwasher safe and won’t rub off after years of use. The material is also durable for your writer. After all, she’ll use it on a daily basis!

This is by far my favorite mug of all those out there. I’ve often told my husband that I’m going to end up killing him…in a book of course!

Keep Calm…

The “Keep calm and…” series has become extremely popular. It makes sense that there’s one for writers. Well, this one is actually for

Christmas gift ideas for writers

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proofreaders, but writers need to be proofreaders, too.

This “Keep calm adn proofread” mug is a joke mug because of the spelling mistake. The “and” is deliberately misspelled as “adn” as it makes a point about proofreading; it’s a common mistake that happens with typers. There’s also the gap between proof and read that shouldn’t be there, although I’m not sure if that’s just an accidental mistake or a deliberate one.

There are two sizes of this mug available, 11oz and 15oz. Think about the amount of coffee you writer friend drinks before getting this great Christmas gift idea.

There were lots of other mugs on Amazon that work well as Christmas gift ideas for writers. One that I loved was about writer’s block and imaginary friends. The problem I found is that the mug was misspelled—and not as a deliberate joke. Make sure you get a mug that is either supposed to have a misspelling or is perfect. Writers will get annoyed when there is the tiniest mistake. You may end up annoying your writer friend and end up in her book…

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