Christmas Gift Ideas for Writers: 2 Perfect T-Shirts for Female Writers

If you’re still looking for the perfect Christmas gift ideas for writers, you can stop looking. There are many t-shirts online for female writers, and full of great, realistic and amusing quotes. These are certainly ideas that I’m going to throw my husband’s way, because they describe me to a tee.

The best thing about t-shirts is that they are practical gifts. Your female writer friends or love ones can get out and show off what they do. They tell people straight what to expect from them—that is nothing normal!

Here are my two favorite t-shirts for female writers. There are male t-shirt options available on Amazon with the same quotes.

Being a Writer Is Easy…

Christmas Gifts for Writers

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The first t-shirt I came across was one that says “Being a writer is easy, it’s like riding a bike…” Of course, it then goes on with the truth about just how difficult it really is. Writing isn’t easy, whether someone is writing fiction or non-fiction. There are loops to jump through, rejections to put up with and difficult clients to work around.

This is a great option for those who love their job or their hobby, but wish that it could be that little bit easier; that it could be just like riding a bike.

The t-shirt comes in five different colors. I prefer the baby blue and cranberry options because the black writing stands out. Unforunately, the black blends in with the darker shirt colors. Maybe it would have been better to opt for white writing on those t-shirts. It is a shame, because the green t-shirt could have been a great option.

This isn’t a low-quality product. The hem is double-needle and the material is lightweight and comfortable. It is machine washable, making it easy for all writers to wear; many of whom are work at home moms and just need something quick to throw on!

I’m a Writer…

What does a writer really do? What goes through her head? The “I’m a Writer” t-shirt clearly explains all. It simple tells everyone that writers live in

Christmas gift ideas for writers

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fantasy worlds and have unrealistic expectations. The writing comes in different fonts too, almost as a way to push the fact that unrealistic expectations but a creative talent should be expected.

The makers of this t-shirt have thought about writing and color choice. There are four colors, asphalt, black, navy and blue. All come with white writing, so it stands out clearly for all to read. Like the previous t-shirt, it’s made with good quality so your writer friend will get use out of it.

I think this is my favorite of the two t-shirts, because of how straight to the point the fact is. We do live in crazy worlds and do have unrealistic expectations of life. The best thing is we get to put those unrealistic expectations into our crazy fantasies.

It’s time to stop looking for the perfect Christmas gift ideas for writers. These two t-shirts really will solve your needs. Remember, you can also get a coffee mug to work with the t-shirts if you want something extra and practical.

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