Clindamycin for Upper Respiratory Infection In Cats – Echinacea FIV

Clindamycin for Upper Respiratory Infection In Cats – Echinacea FIV

Clindamycin for upper respiratory infection in cats can be helpful for cats with FIV. Talk to your vet if your cat with FIV has been  sneezing or has a discharge with pus from their nose.

Echinacea FIV treatment can help cats that have chronic upper respiratory infection. About 3 in every 10 cats with FIV have upper respiratory infection. Apart from using Clindamycin for upper respiratory  infection in cats, vets may also recommend it for toxoplasmosis.


echinacea cats

Echinacea for cats

Echinacea for Cats with FIV Dosage- How to Care For a Cat with FIV

Echinacea for cats with FIV can help them. Speak to your vet about how this herb may offer immune system support to your cat with FIV. Older rescue cats may sometimes benefit immensely from using this herb along with goldenseal.

Echinacea drops and tea come from the wildflower that is popular throughout North America. Echinacea was used as an herbal treatment by Native Americans for many years. It is also prescribed by doctors in Germany and other parts of Europe.


Echinacea cats

can cats have goldenseal

Echinacea daily

Echinacea for cats

How Does Echinacea Work in Cats with FIV?

Echinacea improves health in immune suppressed cats by working to increase their T1 cell count. These cells are responsible for helping to fight off the pathogens that cause infection in humans and cats. When you give your cat echinacea or take it yourself, you make the immune system more efficient at doing the job it was designed to do- that is, fighting off germs.


Echinacea for cats dosage

How Much Echinacea for Cats

echinacea for kittens

how much echinacea is too much

taking echinacea long term


Cat FIV Natural Treatment With Echinacea, clindamycin for upper respiratory infection

Cat FIV Natural Treatment With Echinacea


Cat FIV Symptoms

People may see their cats exhibit any of the following symptoms if their cat has FIV:

  • Depression
  • Diarrhea
  • Lack of interest in meals
  • Dull coat
  • Weight loss
  • Coughing
  • Watery eyes
  • Stuffy nose
  • Lymph nodes are noticeably larger

Cats with FIV sometimes have frequent upper respiratory tract infections. Since their immune system is compromised, these felines also have more severe upper respiratory tract infections than they would if they did not have the virus.

Sunny, A Stray Cat Detected with FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus)

Can an FIV Positive Cat Transmit to Her Kittens?

An FIV positive cat can transmit the virus to her kittens. However, the usual mode of transmission of FIV is through biting. When cats fight, they can transmit FIV to each other. If very young kittens test positive for FIV antibodies, it does not mean that they have the virus. Sometimes, they just have antibodies from the mother but are not infected with the virus.

FIV Positive Cat Living with Other Cats- Is an FIV Positive Cat Contagious?

However, cats with illnesses such as an upper respiratory tract infection can pass the virus causing the infection in their respiratory tract on to other cats. The virus that causes feline upper respiratory tract infection would be passed on to other cats through mucus from the nose and mouth of a cat that is sneezing or coughing.

Usually a cat with FIV does not pass on the virus by sharing food bowls with another cat. However, since the virus is present in saliva, vets recommend that separate food bowls are used for cats when some test positive.



echinacea cats

Echinacea for cats


Furry Friends Farm’s FIV Cattery and Residents

Should a Cat with FIV Be Neutered?

There are several reasons why a cat with FIV should be neutered. A lot of the fighting among cats takes place among toms or male cats who are not neutered. The recommendation to neuter cats with FIV is made to decrease the spread of the virus. When a cat with FIV is neutered, they are less likely to get into fights and spread the virus to another cat.

How to Care For a Cat with FIV- Echinacea

As in humans, echinacea helps to boost the immune system. Before using it with your cat, speak to your veterinarian about what to expect. Echinacea works to stimulate the immune system and it can help cats whose immune systems are suppressed. A healthy diet will also help your cat to fight off germs.



echinacea cats

Echinacea for cats


While echinacea is available to humans in various forms, including teas and supplements, you may find it easier to give echinacea to your cat with FIV as drops. The recommended dosage of echinacea for cats with FIV is 1 drop 2-4 times per day.

In addition to boosting your cat’s T cell count, echinacea and immune boosters like these also slow the progress of terminal illnesses and increase the number of macrophages in your cat’s body. The lymphocytes in your cat’s body are energized to fight off invaders that contribute to irritated sinuses, coughing and other problems that make your cat feel sick.

Cats that receive good care live for a long time even after they have started showing symptoms of FIV. If your cat has tested positive for FIV, prevent them from getting into situations where they may fight with other cats and infect them. Keep them in a stress free environment and follow your veterinarian’s instructions for care. If your cat’s health changes in any way, be sure to inform their doctor.

How to Care For a Cat with FIV- Prescription and Over the Counter Medications

By learning how to care for a cat with FIV, you can both extend their life and improve their quality of life. Speak to your veterinarian about echinacea herb for cats and other medications that may help to alleviate some of the symptoms of FIV in cats. These include the following:

  • Nose drops like these that can help with nasal congestion and irritation in the nasal passages- Neo synephrine for kids is another good option
  • Clindamycin for upper respiratory infection
  • Antihistamines

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