How Close Are You To One Of Your Parents?

Children tend to lean to one parent and rarely interact with the other. There are few children who equally love both parents.

My siblings and I used to joke on whom we love more between father and mother. The males preferred the female parent and the females preferred our father. Despite both parents trying to show equal love to all children, most of them find themselves taking sides. Parents may also fall in the trap of pitying some children over others. They may tend to favor those that are good and obedient. It is paramount to try and treat all children with equal love.

I grew up and became a father of six children of which four are girls and two are boys. I try very much to give equal love to all yet I find myself to be slightly harsher to the boys. My boys however love me and would frequently come to sit close to me and fondle my beard as we talk man to man.

My daughters too are fine young ladies and they love me as their father. As a family we have come to grow up loving each other and would like to remain a bonded family forever. Yet I know a prince charming will knock at my door and one by one my daughters will leave me. Also my sons will get married and live their own lives.

I wonder what their mother may say on the topic!

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