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Spotlight on a charitable work: Club Penguin Supports Coins For Change 2014

Club Penguin is a Walt Disney Company that opened its doors in 2005. The founders set it up as a social site for kids to play online games. But wait! There’s more!

Several years back, my youngest child asked my permission to sign up at the Club Penguin site to play games online with her friends.  My daughter was allowed to create a free account when she was in elementary school (about 3rd grade, age 8). Her activity is reasonably monitored the same amount of time any reasonable parent would monitor their child’s online fun to ensure that they are having fun in a safe virtual environment, and not being picked in by predators. To my surprise this site does more than just let kids play games. They encourage social responsibility. Every year she gets really excited about a program called “Coins For Change”, a yearly charity drive. She can play games and earn coins, pick a charitable work or works she would like to contribute funds to, and donate her winnings.

Encouraging the idea of global citizenship at a young age. What’s even better? Real money gets donated to real projects!! The site owners actually list initiatives, such as, building libraries, providing health care, etc. for people, especially kids, in countries around the world. This year she was able to to donate almost 70,000 “coins”. Not sure what that translates to in cash, but the organizers always provide a follow-up report to let the kids (and parents) know where their coins / money went!

Love the concept! Don’t you?


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