Coffee Luwak and Civet Cats

Luwak Coffee from Civet Cats

How is Coffee Luwak Made – From the Luwak or From Civet Cats

In the international coffee market, luwak coffee is produced from coffee beans ladened droppings of both the small Indonesian animal called a Luwak and some species of Civet Cat, with significant price variation.

Coffee LuwakThe Luwak, whose droppings produce the better quality coffee, than that from droppings of civet cats, compete for popularity in the marketplace.  

The coffee that comes from both animals is sold on the International market as Luwak coffee. The coffee from beans ingested by the Luwak results in a better quality grade of Luwak coffee. The reason that coffee from Civet Coffee Luwakcats is of lesser quality than that derived from the little Indonesian Luwak is as simple as this. Luwak poop is stronger, in terms of acidic content in the digestive juices than Civet cat poop. This difference causes changes in the taste of the resulting coffee, which Connoisseurs of Luwak Coffee can easily discern. It is also substantiated by the price difference in the resulting coffee. Civet cat poop coffee is reported to sell for $P 15 to $P 25 per kilogram. Luwak Coffee is $150 to $250 per pound. You can see in one of the images with this post a price for

There are physical differences in the animals too. See the Civet cat picture, they always have a ringed tail. The Luwak is smaller and always a milk-chocolate brown color. Only the digestive system of the Luwak imparts a change in chemical composition of the raw coffee bean. You can also see the photo of the coffee beans after partial processing by the Luwak.

Coffee Luwak droppingsI trust the information in this important post has straightened out the confusing on the differences between the Civet Cat, the Luwak, and their respective coffee processing capabilities. LOL If you are interested in the post I wrote yesterday concerning the development of a scanner to check the purity of Luwak  Coffee, here is the link.

YouTube Video on Luwak Coffee


Images attribution: Wikipedia CC by SA 3.0

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