Iron Out The Wrinkles With Collar Perfect

Because of cell phones, cameras are now everywhere so a guy had better look good. And not looking good is easily attained by having a wrinkled collar, a wrinkled tie, shirt sleeves, you get the idea. This becomes even more aggravating with all the selfies out there, especially when traveling because who takes an iron along with them? Or can find one when it’s most needed? So Collar Perfect can save the day, or at least make it easy to iron out the wrinkles life throws at you.

Collar Perfect is compact and small enough to travel easily: it’s about the size of a paperback book and weighs in at about a pound. It’s an iron — obviously — but designed for doing touch up work (hence the “collar” in the name) with you plugging it into a wall outlet (no batteries here). It’s “U-shape means the two non-stick pads heat up and work their wonders on whatever gets placed into the bend — as a last minute correction to looking unkempt no matter where you might be heading, it’s hard to beat. Six settings give you the choice of just how much heat to apply, based on the type of fabric chosen — Linen, Denim, Cotton, Wool, Silk or Poly (polyester).

Now should a touch up not be enough — meaning there’s a wide swath that needs the ironing touch — don’t despair. Collar Perfect can’t fly, but it does have two “wings” that pull out from each side to turn it into a (smallish) equivalent of a standard iron. This means you’re moving it back and forth over the surface of that which need ironing sorry, nobody has come up yet with a better way to accomplish this task). But they have come up with a better way to do it with what got pulled out of your briefcase or travel bag or even messenger bag.

As to how to use it, yeah it’s pretty obvious, but there’s always Google or YouTube. And just to note, the power cord attached to Collar Perfect rotates. Sure that sounds minor but it’s really sensible.

Collar Perfect doesn’t give you a choice of colors or electronics sounds or LCD text, but it does provide a way to make wrinkles no-show. And without making you wince when paying for it — it retails at $34.95.

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