Color Effects: Find Out How Colors Affect You & your Mood

Colors can really have effects on your moods according to psychology. 

Let’s mention how each color can change your mood:

– Red & Orange: These two colors can give you the feeling of hunger.

– White: Peace.

– Yellow: More active.

– Brown: Solid.

-Black: Evil according to the ancient beliefs & dark/solid according to psychology.

-Red: Related to romance, sacrifice and love, also food appetite.

-Blue: Purity.

– Navy: Focus.

-Pink: Cute & childish.

-Grey: Depression or solidity.

-Gold: Sexy.

-Beige: Neutral.

-Green: Lively & loving.

I’m sure you get the idea of each color now & by the way, songs & dreams too can have big effects in changing your mood!

 Cheerful songs & dreams can make you have a good mood and vice verse.

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