Comeback Rappers and Entertainers Still on the Grind

There are some rappers and entertainers who have never left the scene and there are some who either took a break or were dealt a bad hand. Some continue to struggle with personal problems but are back on the scene once again. Being in the entertainment business isn’t easy and there are some who chose to retire early because of all the demands in the industry. Mentioning some of the ones who are currently making a comeback or will in the future. 

  1. DMX Songs:
  2. Where the Hood at
  3. Ruff Ryder’s Anthem
  4. Slippin

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Let’s not forget about Slick Rick who so many adore for his Children’s Story. Slick Rick is considered an old school rapper. A very gifted one indeed. Putting the fun into rapping. Slick Rick suffered a setback but as soon as his release was back at what he does best. Remember the song performed with dough E. Fresh? Li Di Da Di. So many are fans of the old school hip hop, rap, and rappers. The focus shall not be on rappers alone. There are some who went into quite for whatever reasons. Let be merry for the ones who are continuing to make a comeback. They’re “music is certainly enjoyed.” 

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Remember the Artist/Entertainer by the name of Tracie Spencer? Well if not then here’s a reminder. The 90’s had some great hits.  The song was performed in the early 90’s. A very popular song and perhaps some aren’t considering playing some of the 90’s hits on the radio. Tracie’s break occurred on Star Search. Another one of her hits is called “Love Me.” which can be heard right here.

Here’s an Episode where Tracie is singing the song Tender Kisses with Eddie Winslow played by Darius McCrary. Take a look at the episode right here.

Another artist who was popular in the 90’s was Shanice. The song  Silent Prayer performed with Johnny Gill was not only popular but a very soothing song. Just take a listen.

Shanice is continuing to record and has a reality family show. A very talented Artist/Entertainer. Sometimes artist fade but make a return. It’s very important for artist and entertainers to keep up with the times. The fan base may change. Depending where the record label and producers want to head can set an artist back. There may be a need to change record labels or work with new producers and management.  Here’s an episode from Family Matters with Shanice performing on stage with Eddie Winslow played by Darius McCrary.

The 90’s was filled with lots of interesting musical styles. some incorporated the 90’s style with the new school style. Sometimes reinventing themselves is necessary. For some it may take sometime to bounce back. Some artist, rappers, and entertainers end up changing record labels often because of minor or major disagreements. Some nit being pleased with their contracts. Making a comeback is exciting for artists. An opportunity to incur a bounder fan vase. 

Here’s Darius McCrary singing Precious Lord Take My Hand . Very talented singer perhaps there should be more exposure for the artist. Has a really good tone. Some artist seem to fall in between the cracks. Some may never reach the status like artist and entertainers but are still considered “successful. ”

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“A Comeback can be Very Rewarding. It Certainly Does Take Patience to be in the Entertainment Business.” BY: Tanikka Paulk


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